So, unfortunately the word on the street is true…the Patriots did indeed lose last weekend. Needless to say, Patriots fans won’t have the chance to root for their own team. But, there is more football to watch, as Gresh and Zo wonder who to root for this weekend?

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  1. PATS247 says:

    I will be rooting for the Jets, think about it, going into Indy, New England, and if they beat the Steelers how could you not root for them. I have been to the Meadowlands and for the most part have had no problem with Jets fans. There is a percentage and most teams including us that have fans that say what they shouldn’t. Some of the players that the Jets have, deep down most New England fans would love to have on our team, yes they talk alot but they play the game. I am hoping for the Jets and the Packers two number 6 seeds, to the Superbowl how cool is that. I am a huge Patriot fan, hoping for a better game than we gave the Jets but also very happy with a good season.
    Good Luck Jets

  2. Dan M says:

    Ill be rooting for the Steelers , i dont want the word CHAMPION associated with the Jets ..So the end result for the Jets will be 2nd place in the AFC east with the 28th pick in the draft . Then in the Super Bowl ill be rooting for the NFC team because i do not want the Steelers to get their 7th title .

  3. MT says:

    Steelers! Been a black and gold fan all my life the good years and oh the bad years whose players names I have forever blocked out of my memories. They play hard hitting football nothing pretty or showy. I am proud that we have 33 AFC titles, I am proud of the 6 rings and am looking forward to seeing a 7th be it this year or another one down the road. Would I like it to be this year sure nothing like going to Dallas and making #7 happen there. Is it going to be an awesome game with Green Bay? You bet! Win lose or draw both teams that are playing have earned their way there over the course of the season.

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