Well, it’s been established…The New York Jets beat the Patriots and the Pats season is officially over. Now, it’s time to move on. What will the off-season have in store for the New England Patriots?

What is needed to make this team not just “winners”, but “champions”? Is it time to treat Tom Brady like the Denver Broncos treated John Elway in the latter stages of his career? Gresh and Zo discuss.

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  1. alanonthego says:

    Tom Brady is still the #1 quarterback in the NFL today and will always be one the of greatest QB’s of all time. He needs to stay here in NE and we need to work on a few more receivers (letting Randy Moss go was a mistake) and improve the defense to make us a champion team again.

  2. wildlifer394 says:

    Moss is a turd albeit a turd with talent. There are other guys out there with talent who play hard until the final whistle

  3. PATS247 says:

    It is amazing, before the game, the week leading up to it the Patriots are by far the superior team, Now they need all kinds of personel to get them to the Super bowl. I was at the game and what I saw was a team looking for big plays instead of taking what was there. I played football and watched football for 36 years I certainly don’t even come close to the thoughts of the coaching staff but what was evident was a team that did not play there game. Good coaching would have seen that the Jets had nickle and dime packages for most of the game. This game was lost because we didn’t take what the Jets gave us the Pats choose to be stubborn. I do agree we need a vertical receiver, I thougth that was Brandon Tate, if he is not running the right routes/patterns than isn’t up to coaching to take care of the adjustments he needs to make. The coaching needs to improve, they are all new just like the young guys on the team, it will come around hopefully sooner than later. We need to remember we had a 14 and 2 record good for a first round bye. Now we need the coaching to get better and loose the arrogance.

  4. hockeyfan says:

    PATS247, I agree with you completely. Before the game, people were saying that this team should be in and win the Superbowl. Now, people are saying that they don’t have the team to compete next year. Too much overreacting! They are a young team that will only get better. A pass rush will help, but I like their chances over the next few year. Besides, wasn’t this supposed to be a re-building year?

  5. S says:

    Maybe they need to start cheating again, since they were caught they haven’t won much except the division, and managed to lose 3 straight playoff games.

    It’s obvious there was more to the cheating than people admit.

    Patriot fans need to accept they were beaten 2 out of 3 by the Jets in 2010, it wasn’t a fluke as you would like to believe. Patriots are just plain over rated

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