BOSTON (CBS) – The family of a North Carolina teenager who fell to his death from a plane over Milton is apparently considering a lawsuit.

Delvonte Tisdale’s relatives have hired a lawyer.

Tisdale’s body was found in pieces last November. Investigators said it appears he stowed away on a commercial jet and fell from the wheel well while the plane was on approach to Logan Airport.

His family is considering a possible lawsuit against the TSA that, it claims, didn’t catch the 16-year-old when he snuck on the plane.

Comments (4)
  1. mwg says:

    Ok, tell me this is not stupid….the kid stows away in the wheel well of the plane, falls from the well and is killed…..then the family sues ????? Wow, when are people going to realize that ultimately they are responsible for their actions….the problem here is that the TSA will settle because it is cheaper than going to court. This is the kind of suit that should just automatically be thrown out of court…..

  2. TSA says:

    Why don’t we here more how a person was able to stow away after how many millions have been spent at our airports and are being spent daily

  3. Tony says:

    I think the TSA should File Federal Suit because there sons actions could have killed everyone on that plane

  4. allym says:

    That’s just ridiculous. He made the decision to sneak into the wheel well of that plane. No one falsely directed him to do that. The fall didn’t even cause his death the wheel wells aren’t pressurized or temp controlled he passed away soon after take-off. I hope this is dismissed

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