BOSTON (AP) — Boston Mayor Thomas Menino is filing a heap of legislation aimed at allowing the city to better address rising costs.

Menino said Tuesday he would file a bill to allow the city to tax private businesses on MBTA property. Such businesses are currently exempt.

WBZ News Radio’s Carl Stevens spoke with Mayor Menino

The mayor also wants municipalities to have the same authority as the state to control health care costs through a Group Insurance Commission. Similar bills have stalled in the Legislature.

Menino is also seeking mandatory health education – including sex ed — in all state schools, as well as a change in the formula used to calculate special education funding.

Other bills address crime, affordable housing and energy and environmental issues.

The mayor of the state’s largest city makes such requests annually, but only a portion are passed.

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  1. Cynic says:

    Menino is looking for more so he can spend more…. What else is new?

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