WESTWOOD (CBS) – We aren’t even half way through winter yet, and the heavy wet snow is taking its toll on our backs and equipment.

We expect to be shoveling this time of year. It’s just part of life. But so far, it’s been heavy, wet snow every time.

“It’s been a pretty crappy winter, but it’s par for the course for living in New England,“ said Dan Rossetti of Walpole.

WBZ-TV’s Bill Shields reports.

If you think the snow’s been hard on your back, it hasn’t been easy on machines either.

“It’s been very brutal. Wet snow is really beating up the snow blowers, taking out the belts. It’s been really harsh on the gear boxes,” said Brian Coulter, of Norfolk Power Equipment.

At Norfolk Power Equipment, the repair garage is going full tilt. When one snow blower is fixed, they have plenty more waiting outside for repair.


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