By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – Am I surprised and disappointed about what happened yesterday at Gillette Stadium? Yes, severely.

My prediction of a big Pats win couldn’t have been more wrong, and the fact that I had plenty of local company in that error doesn’t make it any easier.

Listen to Jon’s Commentary:

Congratulations are due to the Jets, who played aggressive, mistake-free football and deserved to win. No question, it was a proud day for New Jersey sports and all those who follow it.

But my disappointment is eased by experience, which I’d like to share now with the younger fans who may be taking this unexpectedly-early end to the season pretty hard.

Kids, I know it hurts, but the pain you’re feeling is actually a good sign. It shows you’re a real fan, that you care about your team, not just some casual observer without any real emotional investment in the outcome.

When you make that investment, you are connecting with one of the most intense and rewarding experiences a human can have – that of being a true fan.

Think of all the pleasure you had watching the Pats this year, and how sweet it will be when we beat the Jets on the way to the Super Bowl next year.

The flip side of that is how you’re feeling now, but trust me, those bad feelings will fade by next year, and the memory of them can and will be washed away by a future triumph.

Just ask any Red Sox fan how that works.

Young Patriots fans, this is what life is all about, you strive to succeed, and sometimes you do, but sometimes you have to watch someone else succeed instead of you.

All you can do is what the Patriots did do this year, try your hardest, and whatever the result, handle it with class. Then come back next time and try a little harder.

So don’t let the way you feel today linger. Take any lingering bitterness or frustration and channel it into something positive, a cause that can bring the smile back to your football-loving face faster than anything.


Repeat after me: go, Steelers, go.

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  1. Stoneham Mel says:

    As a transplant from New York, I didn’t realize I was a Yankees/Mets/Giants/Jets fan until I moved to the Boston area, and saw how seriously the locals here take their professional sports. Although admittedly there were Red Sox equivalent boors in the bleachers of old Yankee stadium (few can afford the Red Sox equivalent prices of the new stadium), you can walk the streets of Manhattan and rarely see a Yankee hat or sweatshirt – and if you do, don’t ask the wearer for directions, because chances are, they aren’t from NY or even the USA.

    Sports should be entertaining. Like theatre, like opera, like rock bands. But Bostonians can enjoy sports only when their team is winning. You can’t ask a Boston fan, “But was it a good game?” Too bad for them. They pay good money to see a competitive game like Patriots-Jets, and then grouse for months only on the loss.

    Here’s a tip: learn to enjoy sports for the thrill of watching really good players perform feats of magic and skill, and go home feeling you got your money’s worth. I love to watch the players after a tough game laughing and backslapping the guys they were trying to wipe out only minutes earlier. They “get” it. too bad the fans don’t.g

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