FOXBORO (CBS) – So now that the Patriots season is suddenly over, who might not be back next year?

WBZ-TV’s Levan Reid reports


Tom Brady was stunned.

I think he envisioned his post game talk to be about having an oppurtunity to play in the AFC Championship game.

Instead, the Jets confused Tom and the offense all game long and Brady’s post game remarks were brief and about disappointment.

“It’s like you’re on the treadmill running 10 miles per hour and someone hits the stop button,” he said. “I think we certainly expected to play better today. I think we’re a pretty good football team but not when we play like we did today. A lot of credit goes to the Jets and the way their players performed. It’s disappointing the way we performed. I certainly wish I did a better job.”

The Pats won the time of possession battle against the Jets but field position was a certain issue.

The Pats only started once south of the 27 yard line. The Jets threw a couple of zones out there and the Pats receivers could not get free consistently.

“I don’t think we’re surprised by anything,” he answered. “I thought they could certainly zone us off more. They did. At times, we handled it well. At times, we didn’t. They mixed it up. I thought they executed pretty well. They didn’t give up any big plays. We just didn’t make enough plays.”


The Pats fully expected to be moving on in these playoffs and the players in the locker room were shocked after the loss.

Here are some of the quotes from guys who stuck around and talked to the media.

Alge Crumpler: “It is tough. Your emotions are going to be at one extreme. You’re either going to be really happy or really sad. And I hate that we all have to feel this way. I don’t care about [the regular-season success]. All I care about is what happened in the last three hours and it wasn’t good. And I’ve got to deal with it.” 

Wes Welker: “You have such a great regular season to get yourself in good position and we just didn’t really take advantage of it. The Jets were the better team today and we paid the price for it.” 
Matt Light: “We didn’t make the plays when we needed to and it’s unfortunate. We have got a great team and great guys. We have had good chemistry throughout the year. Unfortunately in this game it doesn’t mean much at the end of it. It’s not every day you get an opportunity like this and to fall short, it’s a bitter pill to swallow. It’s pretty final. Unfortunately.”
Jerod Mayo: “You’re always going to be surprised and disappointed when you lose a game, especially the way we’ve been playing. They just came out and played more physical than we did. It’s very disappointing. The regular season means nothing now. We came into the postseason 0-0.” 
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  1. Josh Gagnon says:

    Title of the article: “Patriots Blog: Who Might Not Be Back Next Year”

    Content of the article: Absolutely nothing about who might not be back next year.

    If there’s something in the video about it, I could care less. None of the text even begins to address the title.

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