BOSTON (AP) — Boston’s professional indoor lacrosse team is apologizing for a racy halftime show featuring scantily-dressed women giving lap dances to the team’s mascot.

WBZ News Radio 1030’s Kim Tunnicliffe reports

An online video shows dancers taking turns gyrating in front of and on the seated mascot, Scorch, while an announcer bellows, “What do you think?”

Boston Blazers general manager Doug Reffue says the team was “extremely disappointed” with parts of the halftime show Saturday at the TD Garden.

On Monday, Reffue said it was part of a halftime promotion that “wasn’t executed according to how it was spelled out to us.”

Reffue said the dancers were not members of the Blazers’ dance team, but fans who volunteered for the halftime promotion. He declined to discuss additional details, but said it won’t happen again.

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Comments (3)
  1. jaygee says:

    If management knew that it was “part of a halftime promotion” then why didn’t they stop it when it was clear that it was getting out of hand? It’s too bad that their hollow explanation for what happened will cause many more empty seats than there are already.

  2. BobAbooey says:

    Come on, now. This was a publicity stunt!. Before this, who knew we even had a pro lacrosse team?

  3. dave hermes says:

    What is it with LaCrosse and sex acts (simulated or otherwise)? Not saying this is a local phenomenon because of the raunchy half time show – just look at the National LaCrosse Leaque’s home page ( You have an opportunity to vote for the “NLL Girl of the Week”. What’s wrong with these people?

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