FOXBORO (CBS) – Normally, Eric Elliott and his 17-year-old son Scott love each other, but on Sunday when the Patriots play the Jets, it’s a bit different.

“During game day we don’t (love each other). There’s just nothing but resentment,” said Scott, a Jets fan. “Big screen TV, dips, chips, and a lot of yelling going on.”

With pride, Scott, a senior from Foxboro, spreads his love for the Jets all over the house. He said he’s been a Jets fan for about 10 years. But why?

WBZ-TV’s Paul Burton reports.

“I was born in New Jersey and I had to pick one of the surrounding teams and it sure was not going to be Buffalo,” said Scott.

Not too far down the road, his neighbor John Malone puts the finishing touches on his Patriots shrine.

“Oh I wanna beat the Jets. I really hate the Jets,” said Malone. “I am just so sick of listening to the yap…All the Patriots really have to do to me is go out and crush them.”

He even has goal posts making fun of Jets head coach Rex Ryan.

“We all know about Sexy Rexy’s foot fetish, and basically the Patriots football guy is just kind of ripping the Jets helmet off,” said Malone, describing his display.

Even though each fan is confident their team will win, they’re still nervous.

“After the game, we are not supposed to rub it in as much, but during the game we are allowed to smack talk and everything,” said Scott.


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