It’s playoff time and the boys pick their winners, and, um, losers…


Gresh 24-32…Zo 35-33…Hardy 32-36
Jim 36-28…Nick 36-32…Tom 33-31…Eric 2-2

Steelers -2 ½ vs Ravens
Gresh: Ravens
Zo: Steelers
Hardy: Ravens
Bert: Ravens

Falcons -2 ½ vs Packers
Gresh: Falcons
Zo: Packers
Hardy: Falcons
Bert: Falcons

Bears -10 ½ vs Seahawks
Gresh: Seahawks
Zo: Seahawks
Hardy: Seahawks
Bert: Bears

Patriots -9 ½ vs Jets
Gresh: Patriots
Zo: Patriots
Hardy: Patriots
Bert: Jets

  1. Stephen Mill says:

    You two blow boys picked the pats…. dont want to upset the fan base! Well now the pats are done you can move on to more important things like what color Paul Pierce’s underwear are. Great radio !!!! you got nothing to talk about now haha

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