BOSTON (CBS) – With all the talk of Patriots-Jets this week, is the rivalry now on par – or bigger than – Red Sox-Yankees?

George Vecsey of The New York Times thinks so. Here’s what he wrote Thursday:

“This is going to sound like heresy, but for sheer intrigue, bombast and bad vibrations, the feud between the Jets and the Patriots is surpassing that cute little rivalry between the Yankees and the Red Sox. “

He points out all of the defections between the teams since 1994, the year Robert Kraft bought the Patriots.

Bill Parcells, Pete Carroll, Bill Belichick, Eric Mangini, Curtis Martin and Danny Woodhead have all switched sides.

Vecsey also notes:

“(The Jets and Patriots) have a 51-51 won-lost record with one tie, going back to 1960.”

Yes, the Patriots have won three Super Bowls since ’94 and the Jets haven’t been to one since winning it in 1969.

But has this reached the level of Yankees-Red Sox between the cities?

Here’s the basic definition of rivalry:

Competition for the same objective or for superiority in the same field.

What do you think?

Share your comments below.

Comments (17)
  1. Dianne says:

    I want the Patriots to win but want the Jets to lose more and lose HUGE! Go Pats!

  2. Babs says:

    Hate the Jets very low class team. Patriots class act. Go Pats 38-14

  3. Jim says:

    Has the Jets and Patriots rivalry reached the level of Yankees-Red Sox between the cities?

    Definitely YES>

  4. Charlie says:

    The state is a football town now, finally

  5. lordandmaster says:

    While the Jets and Pats will be a great ticket to have this season,the Red Sox and Yankees rivalry is legendary.The Yanks and Sox have been known to clear the benches multiple times in a season due to the fact the 2 teams have been at each others throats since Babe Ruth’s exit from the Sox.For the most part the Yanks and Sox have lots of class.The Jets are the team to watch as to see how low can they go this time.I have a feeling that the game emulate ” Monty Python’s Meaning of Life Rugby Match ” (just google it on youtube).

  6. Steve says:

    I’ll say no until the Jets can take the big game away from them….and by the way? That won’t be anytime soon!!! I hate the Jets more than the Yankees! At least the Yankees have some class…er…um…sorry I said that….

  7. randy says:

    This writer is a complete misinformed idiot. I have never read an article so misguided. For one, the sox yankees rivalry goes back for many years and is an actual rivalry. Both teams are good and both have won multiple championships and had great games against each other to win those championships. The Jets have won nothing. They are a team full of loud mouths that the Patriots along with the majority of the NFL dislike. This is far from a rivalry. Instead this is the most professional and arguably most successful franchise in sports playing against a newly partially successful team full of disrespectful loudmouths. This is not a rivalry but rather a classy team dealing with their ridiculously obnoxious opponent against whom they are heavily favored. A rivalry requires a well matches game and most sox yankees match-ups have even odds, not one team highly favored against the other. The only reason this is in the news so much is because of the trash talking and unprofessionalism of the New York Jets. To the author of this article, please learn a little about sports before writing such a strong willed article. I did not even have to read past the title to assume that you are highly uneducated in the area of Boston sports. It is an insult to my town, and I hope you do more research into history and facts before embarking on your next topic.

  8. WesWelkerFan says:

    Since I love football and HATE Baseball, my answer is YES YES YES.. Pats/Jets have always been my Boston/NY rivalry and it will always out rank any other sports rivalry. (Bruins/Canadians a very close second).

  9. np3511 says:

    The Jets-Pats, Yanks-Sox rivalries are not equal. Terrible article. You cannot define “rivalry” (in the sense of the rivalry there is between the Yanks/Sox) with that simple sentence… At least he wrote “basic definition.” Comparing the Sox/Yanks rivalry to the Jets/Pats rivalry is like comparing the Willis tower in Chicago to the Prudential in Boston. Joke. Not even close. This writer should work for that God awful show on ESPN called “SportsNation.” The show disgusts me. They had a poll a month or two ago asking fans if Shaq was bigger than Brady in Boston? Again… Joke. Boston may be shading towards a “football town,” but it is still a baseball town in my mind. Also I don’t know if we need to try to compare the class of the Jets and Yanks.

  10. Tim says:

    Jets/Pats isn’t even close to the rivalry between the Sox/Yanks. With the Sox/Yanks rivalry you are talking not only about two teams at the top of their sport but the number one teams in their home market. For those who think the Pats have surpassed the Red Sox in Boston you only have to look back a couple of months to see how quickly the Sox stole the headlines with the acquisitions of Gonzalez and Crawford along with the multiple bullpen moves. The Jets are not only below the Yankees on the New York food chain but they are the second most popular football team in New York. Although they haven’t been to the playoffs in the last couple of years, its the Giants that have the much deeper traditions to go along with 3 SB championships, not the Jets. The point being Jets fans might care about the rivalry but the majority of football fans in NY belong to the Giants. Sunday’s game will be great fun to watch but as a rivalry it is second fiddle to Sox/Yanks. Pats 27 Jets 13.

  11. Ellen says:

    Sox-Yankees are one of the oldest rivalries out there. No comparison.

  12. Scoot says:

    smoke another one. Pats vs Jets isn’t even a rivaly. People try to lump in as one because its Bos vs NY. Jut because a fat guy coach and a dead beat dad are trying to instigate the Pats, doesnt mean its a rivaly. give it a few more years. I’m pumped for this game and hope NE beats the snot ouf NY but this is in no comparison to Redsox/Yankees.

  13. Ajay says:

    Why does every match-up need to be called a rivalry? The Yanks and Sox at least have a history that supports being called a “rivalry.” Although I think the rivalry is more in the eyes of the Sox fans than the Yankee fans. The Jets and Pats are simply in the same division and happen to be playing this weekend. The “rivalry” between these two teams is nothing when compared to the rivalries between Green Bay, Minnasota, Detroit and Chicago or between Cinncinati, Pittsburg and Cleveland.

  14. Dave says:

    This game may be an intense game…however, to say that it compared with the Red Sox and Yankees is absolutely ridiculous. There is no rivalry in all of sports that compares and has as much history.

  15. sjc says:

    It’s not the same as Sox / Yanks. The Yankees have some self respect and conduct themselves like professionals. The Jest are a joke that we’re going to send home with their head between their legs. Way to Rex, you big dope!

  16. Stacey says:

    Oh it’s a rivalry !!! GO PAT”S!!!!!!!

  17. matt says:

    both are good but the patriots jets rivary is better since i am a patriot fan.i dislike the way rex ryan does not keep his mouth shut and says rubish .that usually can not back up.

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