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Heading to NY city and New Jersey on this Thursday by train. Never have taken the Acela before, but I must say it’s quite the comfortable trip. Boarded the train at the South Station terminal early this morning. It’s beautiful as we travel along with all the snow that came down on Wednesday.

rochie and tom Those Trash Talking J E T S Jets, Jets, Jets

Flat Tom Brady is accompanying me to New York. (credit David Robichaud)

Been reading all the New York papers and have been amazed at the non-stop trash talking by the J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets. It started with Rex Ryan and continued with Antonio Cromartie. The targets have been Bill Belichick and Tom Brady. Cromartie went so far as to talk about Brady with the words hate and $&@(;&. Yep, a strong derogatory word. Brady, of course, deflected all the bad talk in his usual “no big deal” manner.

I don’t mind the mouthing off by the Jets. Certainly makes my job fun. And, as Brady said we’ll know at 7:30 on Sunday evening whether or not it worked.

How will it play out? I do think the talk doesn’t mean much. However, the one thing it definitely will do is cause both teams to come out firing on all cylinders from an emotional standpoint. Will it drain the Jets as the game goes on? Perhaps. It wouldn’t surprise me to see them try any and all ways to get to Brady….and try to lay him out with some big time hitting. They certainly won’t go easy on number-12 if they can get to him.

I’m curious to see just what the Jets defense and Brady’s offense do against each other. Brady put on a clinic in the Pats 45-3 drubbing of the Jets last month at Gillette Stadium. Can he do it again? Maybe, but as we’ve seen nothing is easy in the play-offs.

And, we do know one thing about this one don,t we? No pre-game pep talks will be needed from Belichick or Rex Ryan.

Can’t wait til Sunday.

And, oh by the way, we’ll be on WBZ-TV 4 starting at 5pm with the latest from Jets camp. Should be fun.


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