A blog by David Robichaud, WBZ-TVBy David Robichaud

Yesterday’s blizzard may have been my last story at WBZ. Why? I’m about to embark on perhaps my most dangerous story ever.

Right now I’m sitting on an Acela train bound for New York. Sitting next to me is WBZ sports reporter Dan Roche.

Above us stuffed into the baggage compartment is Tom Brady. Well, sort of. “Tom” is actually a six foot cardboard cut out of the Patriots QB made by our art department.

Photos: Flat Tom’s Travels

My mission? Carry “Flat Tom” into the belly of the beast: Jets territory. Dan has the easy job, he just has to deal with Rex Ryan.

We got some pretty strange looks at South Station and those were from people who I assume are Patriots fans. Wait until the Big Apple gets a load of us.

We’ll see what happens tonight on WBZ-TV tonight starting at 5pm.

That’s if I’m still alive


Robi will be chronicling he and Tom’s adventures here on CBSBoston.com


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