BOSTON (CBS) -The WBZ weather team tracks the highest snowfall totals, with the help of the Skywarn Weather Spotter Network.


Wilmington: 24″
Foxborough: 17″
Roslindale: 17.5″
Saugus: 17.2″
Topsfield: 17″
Dover: 15″
Boston (Logan): 14.6″
West Roxbury: 13.6″
Taunton: 10″
Hanover: 8″


Sudbury: 20″
Shrewsbury: 19″
Southbridge: 19″
Milford: 19″
North Brookfield: 19″
Oxford: 16″
Grafton: 16″
Worcester: 16″
Blackstone: 15.5″
Sturbridge: 22″
Clinton: 17″


Savoy: 34.5″
Florida: 33″
Windsor: 29″
Becket: 28″
West Chesterfield: 26.3″
North Adams: 26″
Washington: 25″
Blandford: 25″
Adams: 24.5″
Cheshire: 24″
Pittsfield: 23″
Chester: 22″
Hampden: 22″
Stockbridge: 21″
East Longmeadow: 20″
Wilbraham: 18.5″
Springfield: 18.4″
Chicopee: 17.5″
Northampton: 16″

Send your snow totals to and your snow photos to

Comments (23)
  1. Michelle E says:

    We’ve got 14 inches in Littleton Mass at 9:15am

  2. Jean Macdonald says:

    Hi — I’ve bee watching the weather on channel 4 and searched this Web site but still have not heard or seen how much snow has fallen in Boston, only in surrounding areas and other States. That seems odd to me.

    Best wishes,

  3. Erin Q says:

    How come when they report on snow totals they do not give Boston totals at all?! Even on the broadcast?

  4. Kelly says:

    Go measure, take a picture & submit your report. Stop whining.

  5. Bill says:

    Interesting. You say Haverhill had 12 inches at 10:00 and 10 inches at 1:45. That snow that’s been happening all day must be falling upward.

  6. Dawn says:

    think of how we feel out here in the gardner/athol area..never a mention of anything close to us

    1. Lisa says:

      I think it’s because they don’t consider this region central (that’s Worcester) or western, so we get left out.

  7. Just sayin' says:

    Upset that they haven’t mentioned the amount in Boston? You are kidding me right? Listen for another 10 seconds and you will hear Boston. Usually Boston is the only number BZ gives out. I’m amazed they have coverage in Merrimack Valley, Chelmsford to be exact. Usually for BZ nothing exists beyond Boston and maybe the Cape but never Merrimack Valley unless of course there is a murder in Lowell then they mention it in passing. To BZ there is nothing beyond Boston. So stop your whining and look out your window to figure out how much you got.

  8. Kathy says:

    Anyone know how much snow Newburyport got. I can’t find the total anywhere online or on the news.

  9. snowed in says:

    gWould love to know totals on the North Shore.

  10. Mary says:

    Emailed already- snow was at 22″ in Lynnfield at 4pm, might be the highest total on Northshore now!

  11. Charlie says:

    Here in N.Attleboro we got about 16 inches

  12. John M. Griggs says:

    BIGGS I heard monson got 30 inches i just shoveled my walkway in wales , and it seemed about the same.who got the most recorded snow in massachuetts?

  13. Heather says:

    16.4″ in Danvers as of 9 PM

  14. Rob martin says:

    You people say you cover NH?!? I don’t see any totals. Embarrasing. I’ll switch to WMUR or 7, they do a good job covering NH.

  15. olie says:

    bill, snow compacts as it falls… you have to measure it each hour and there is some formula u follow to calculate snowfall. the snow probably compacted throughout the day

    1. Heather says:

      You take more than one measurement. Several should be taken in different places of your yard. Then average the numbers out.

  16. Murph says:

    Billerica has 23 inches as od 8:30

  17. lillian gorden says:

    warren, mass we had 2 feet about 4 hours before the snow ended. didn’t stop snowing until after dark

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