HOLBROOK (CBS) – A firefighter was hit by a snow plow in Holbrook during the snowstorm on Wednesday morning.

Fire officials were originally responding to a home on South Street, where a tree reportedly fell through the house. The snow plow drove around a fire truck in that area, slid in the road and struck the fire lieutenant, according to Chief Edward O’Brien of the Holbrook Fire Department.

“Fortunately, the lieutenant was able to kind of jump a little bit and absorb some of the hit,” said Chief O’Brien.

The firefighter reportedly suffered possible injuries to his arm and hip and was taken to the hospital.

Holbrook Fire Chief Edward O’Brien speaks to WBZ-TV’s Paula Ebben and David Wade.

“He did get sent flying quite a distance, and was transported to Brockton Hospital, but I have just been told he has been released…but I’m sure he’ll be in quite a bit of pain,” said Chief O’Brien.

Fire crews also were responding to other issues in the area.

“We had a number of calls in the same general area…Down the street from that, we had a number of wires situation, and they had responded to that,” said Chief O’Brien.

Chief O’Brien said conditions on roadways are dangerous for drivers and emergency workers.

“I can’t stress enough about the dangers when you’re on the road, and people driving, and just being aware of emergency responders out in the street,” said Chief O’Brien.

  1. Cynic says:

    In a sort of related Story… In August 2009 A mailman struck a jogger in Weymouth.Monday he was sentenced to 2 1/2 years in Jail. More recently a State Trooper stuck a Jogger in Weymouth… That Case is “Under Investigation”…as probably will be forever. Tell me there is no Double Standard.

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