Felger and Massarotti were joined by Paul Perillo of Patriots.com to preview Sunday’s Jet-Pats playoff game.  How much fun is it to cover a game like this one?  Are the comments by the Jets premeditated?

Rex Ryan is finding away to take the focus off of his players and focus it on him.  Is it a smart move?  What impact will all the comments have on the actual game?

Are the comments having any effect on the Patriots players?  Will the Jets win the game or will the Patriots lose it?  Are there any match-ups that the Patriots should be worried about?

  1. Peter Nelson says:

    Rex Ryan disparages our home town heroes, so it’s payback time:
    ( I saw something like this on the web but I couldn’t find it to link to so I made my own . . . )

    … apologies to the Foot Locker Corp.

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