By Levan Reid, WBZ-TV SportsBy Levan Reid

FOXBORO (CBS) – After Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie called Tom Brady a (bad word) and then finished up his comment with “I hate him,” Tom’s response Wednesday was in typical Patriot fashion.

“I’ve been called worse,” Brady said.

“I’m sure there is a long list of people that feel that way. But he’s a good player. [Darrelle] Revis is a great player. They have a great secondary. They’re one of the best defenses we’ve faced. We spend a lot of time preparing for them, and what they’re capable of doing over there. To shut down the Colts’ offense like they did is pretty impressive, because we know how good that offense is. We’re going to be ready to play.”

The Pats continue to kill the trash talkers with kindness. It makes you wonder how far the Jets are willing to go to get under Tom Brady’s skin. The problem could be that Tom is locked in and all that’s on his mind is Sunday’s playoff game.

“We’re spending our time getting ready to play,” he responded. “I don’t think we’re spending our time figuring out what we can do to combat what people may say about us. Not everybody has great things to say about our team or organization, or certain players. That’s kind of the way it’s always been. We’re just going to do our talking on the field. That’s the way we’ve always chosen to do.”

Given their success, you have to think they have chosen the right path.


On today’s Rex Ryan conference call, the Jets head coach was asked to respond to Cromartie’S comments about Brady.

It seems as if the Jets PR staff did not brief Rex on what was said because Rex was taken totally by surprise. After he took it in, Ryan responded.

“First off, in this country, you’re allowed to have opinions, and all that kind of stuff,” Rex responded when told of the remarks.

“Obviously, as an organization, we respect Tom Brady, there is no question about it. But hey, is there dislike between us and Brady, and Brady against the Jets? Of course there is.”

Ryan was asked if he thought these remarks could blow up in the teams face if the Jets lose and he said there is really no other alternative.

“We’re going to be watching somebody else play, so it really doesn’t matter. You either win or you don’t. In this league, if you don’t win, it’s over. Your season’s over,” he said.

“To think that a comment here or there is going to incite them to play at a greater level or something like that, I don’t believe that’s true. … It doesn’t matter what would come out of New England’s locker room or anybody else’s locker room, because you can’t be more motivated than we are, and you can’t be more motivated than New England is.”


Patriots offensive lineman Dan Connolly probably had the play of the year. His 71-yard kick return in the Packers game ignited the team and gained national praise.

But a couple of downs later, Connolly sustained a head injury. His concussion had him missing from the locker room until just recently. Today he spoke to the media and Dan finally got a chance to talk about the kick return.

“I just saw the ball, grabbed it — I was planning on just getting what I could, but it ended up being a lot more than that,” he said.

“Nobody hit me. I think it gave the team the energy, and the spark we needed to get the game back in our favor,” he continued.

“From friends and family, I’ve gotten a lot of emails, lot of text messages,” he said. “I guess my name is noticed more. I get a little more fan mail now than ever before.”

Comments (9)
  1. Peg says:

    These blowhards aren’t even worth a comment – we’ll comment on the field Sunday at 4:30. Enjoy your summer, Jets.

  2. Stephen Gitmo says:

    Sunday I strongly feel that the Jets will be grounded, or far worse go down in flames. Go Pats !!!

  3. Jason says:

    The Jets are just frustrated. Why else would you always talk out like that? It’s because no matter what they do, they know they can’t win in Gillette. Their outcome is nearly decided already and this lashing out just shows how desperate they are.

  4. brat says:

    They talk the talk but can they walk the walk? NAAAAAHHHHHHH!

  5. Tre' says:

    Talk is Cheap, action is what’s up. Air Brady….GO!!!!

  6. Bosco says:

    The Jets are all a bunch of diddlers, starting with tons-o-fun Rex Ryan.

  7. Michele says:

    I hope Bill lets our Pats run the score up on them!!! I can sure understand where their frustration comes from! Rex Ryan will NEVER be the coach Bill Belichick is, Mark Sanchez will NEVER be the quarterback that Tom Brady is, and the Jets WILL NEVER be the best team in football that the PATRIOTS are!!! Go Pats, send the Jets crashing to the ground!!

  8. Tom says:

    The Pats have become the Yankees of the NFL. Everyone outside the New England area hates who they are and want to see them go down. So can you blame them fo r trash talking? Let’s see who’s left standing at the end of Sunday’s game then let’s see who’s got the right to talk trash.

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