I have tried……Lord knows how I have tried, to avoid any involvement whatsoever, in the outrageous rhetoric that has run amuck since the tragic shooting in Tucson, Arizona.   What a sick, sick event notched into the history books of Tucson…and this great country.   But the diatribe and totally irresponsible rhetoric that has resulted from the bloody event will not make the history books……and perhaps it should.

     There was a major part of me that said “Gary…leave this one alone.  It will only give fuel to the intellectually delinquent cretins who are trying to blame political talk (radio and television), bloggers, the internet in general…whatever… for the massacre.”  But for the past couple of days, I’ve been thinking about that.    If I refuse to comment to avoid adding to the discourse, it’s a suggestion that the idiot Sheriff out there is right.   Maybe there is too much vitriolic rhetoric…..political or otherwise and its time to leave it alone.             I tried, but the idiocy of Sheriff Stupnik….sorry Dupnik….was the first grevious sin.  Second came the flood of lefty loonies who signed on to what the Sheriff said and virtually turned one screwed up kid into a political terrorist.   This kid Loughner can’t even spell politiks, there isn’t one shed of evidence anywhere that political debate in this country brought it on and still, Barack sends the head of the FBI out there, now Barack himself is going there (talk about political motivation) and I think maybe a Mamma grizzly from Alaska is probably responsible for their heinous act.

     I have been preaching for months, in fact for years, about the dangers of the information technology today and this case is a classic example of out it can get outrageously out of control, in a heartbeat.   Sheriff Stupnik didn’t have an ounce of evidence on anything, other than the casualties on the ground.   He had nothing…..I mean nothing…but within minutes of the scene being secured, there’s the Sheriff of Pima County, Arizona  pontificating to the world, because someone stuck a live microphone in his face about the reasons why this happened and how this country should start behaving itself.   This guy Stupnik  has been wrong on so many issues in his long career, it’s not worth enumerating.    I’ve got a feeling I might enjoy sitting down and having a beer with the guy, but his knee jerk reaction to the crisis in Tucson, and worse yet the blame-stream medias latching onto every word, may be the worst media blunder since Al Gore invented the internet.

     Shame on us…..whoever “us” is, allowing the entire nation to get caught up with the remarks of one person, totally unvetted, totally without substance, knowledge or even credibility to tell us what happened moments before………he wasn’t there…..and why it happened.    Do we all remember, Jodi Foster made Hinkley shoot Ronald Reagan?   I can’t believe I’m listening at this moment to Whoppie Goldberg about what happened and maybe why…..this is outrageous.     We have lost it……again……..and again……….and again. 

     Oh I feel better know…….I just heard Sheriff Stupnik (I mean Dupnik) say……..honest he said it…..”HOPEFULLY IN THE NEXT WEEK, PEOPLE WILL FORGET THE IDIOT SHERIFF IN TUCSON.”  


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  1. rabidsamfan says:

    So you’re blaming irresponsible rhetoric on a man who was grieving for a close friend when he spoke, and not the people who planned their speeches and broadcast them deliberately, repeatedly, using the language of revolution, civil war, and assassination. The people who are busily saying “It’s not my fault, you didn’t see me, you can’t prove anything, ” as if they were Bart Simpson, instead of adults who have an obligation to recognize that their metaphors might not be taken as metaphors. If you don’t believe that your words, as a public speaker, have any power, then why are you speaking in public. Jodi Foster never put up a public message with Ronald Reagan’s name on it and called him a target. She never said that political problems should be solved with bullets instead of ballots. If she had done, she would have deserved the opprobrium which is being aimed at the hatemongers now.

    Calling Dupnik names is adding to irresponsible rhetoric, not cooling it down.

  2. Joe the Plumber - not! says:

    You should have stayed retired. There are enough right – wing blow hearts on the air waves, we don’t need another. Still broadcasting from Florida telling listeners you are in Boston?

  3. gramps says:

    The problem isn’t the Sheriff, it’s the owners of the microphones of NPR, CNN, ABC & MSNBC & many others who are selling their BS & air time to the mindless MCAS ‘Amazons’ who have been told that they are victims or entitled to a ‘free ride’…..”everything free in AMERICA”—from the musicial ‘west side story’…
    If an American is to amount to anything he must rely upon himself, and not upon the State; he must take pride in his own work, instead of sitting idle to envy the luck of others. He must face life with resolute courage, win victory if he can, and accept defeat if he must, without seeking to place on his fellow man a responsibility which is not theirs.
    – Theodore Roosevelt

    In this country we have no place for hyphenated Americans.
    – Theodore Roosevelt


    If we weren’t so PC, that Tucson ‘fruitcake’ would have been confined & receiving treatment……There’s too many feel gooders running around with their hands out & blaming history & other people for their state in life….Too many groups, causes & ‘caucus’s! …One group gets theirs & the other say’s where’s ‘MINE’!

    The ‘GIMMIECRATES’ complain about ‘FOX, Hannity, Rush & a mother of 5, now a Millionaire from Alaska…….

    Palin would’t have a voice or a ‘buck’ had the liberal media not been babbling her name 24/7 for the last 2 1/2 years)…..

    The liberal media ‘MADE’ Sarah Palin!

    The biggest threat facing the U.S. would be, if Keith Olbermann we’re to ‘mate’ with Rachel Maddow!


    1. Tiredofrhetoric says:

      Isn’t Stupink the same dumbing down rhetoric ?

      1. tiredofrhetoric says:

        Oh,… I think he wrote stupnik. sorry.
        Powers of reason are lost through constant one upmanship of sound bites…perhaps people need to read more 19th century literature to help bring back some balance….tall wish , I know ..

  4. Des says:

    No rationale person would place direct blame on LapIerre and his conservative radio brethren for the Arizona killings; but their lack of civility does foster an environment of ugliness and a lack of respect for humanity.

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