DEVENS (CBS) — The company Evergreen Solar is closing its manufacturing facility in Devens. There are approximately 800 people who work at that facility.

The facility will be completely closed by the end of March. The company has not said whether the employees will be laid off.

The company’s president and chief executive officer Michael El-Hillow explained that although production costs have gone down at the Devens facility, they are still much higher than competitors in China.

“We have consistently stated during quarterly conference calls throughout 2010 that we would continue to manufacture in Devens as long as it was economically feasible,” he said in a written statement. “During the month of December, we experienced a 10% decrease in average selling prices from the beginning of the fourth quarter. As industry selling prices continue their rapid declines into 2011, panel manufacturing in Devens, either fully or partially, is no longer economically feasible, consequently requiring a complete shutdown of the facility.”

Greg Bialecki, Secretary of Housing and Economic Development responded to the news by saying he was disappointed to hear of the closing. He said the company has worked hard to live up to its commitments to the state.

“We will be actively working to recover any and all dollars owed to the Commonwealth through the clawback provisions of state grants, which require repayment if job commitments are not met,” the Secretary added.

The company will continue to operate plants in Michigan and China. It develops, manufactures and markets alternative energy products.

Comments (6)
  1. Joe D. says:

    Didn’t Deval cite this company as an example of how well his initiatives are doing. Also if as he says our population is growing, How come we’re losing a congressional seat?

  2. Lynn F. says:

    My husband is out of work and today applied for a job there! Shouldn’t they remove their ads?

  3. come on says:

    What is it going to take for companies to realize you can’t compare to plants in China. It is a different economy over there and there cost of living is different. Solar energy is the future and if Obama wants to get in next time he should step up and go to Devens and make a case for them to stay open. 800 people in that area will affect the local economy hard! This is very sad and hope they can have a change of heart. If I worked for this company I would be calling the White house and my Senator myself. Stand up people !!!

  4. John C says:

    And how many Millions of dollars did they recently receive from this state to expand their operations at Devens? Nice going Devoid Patrick! Blindly handing over fistfuls of taxpayers money with nothing to show for it in return. No wonder this state is going to hell with your inept leadership…

  5. magnumpi says:

    As we all know everything made in China is junk………sheetrock,steel,etc., or it will kill pets or poison our children but we still trade with those commie pinkos!

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