Death Row

Ken Tucci

I’m curious as to why it takes so long for people on death row to get what they have coming to them?  Why do we have to waste our hard earned tax money on these losers? – Katie, Gardner

We don’t have the death penalty here in Mass.

However, in places where the death penalty is active, it’s common for a convicted criminal to stay there for years and years.  According to the Death Penalty Information Center, death row inmates “typically spend over a decade awaiting execution.”

There’s a lengthy appeals process, especially in death penalty cases.  Sometimes the appeals are mandatory.  The idea is that the system wants to make sure before it takes someone’s life.   We’ve all seen stories about people wrongly convicted who have spent decades in prison.  What if?  Some would argue that it’s better to spend tax dollars on “these losers” rather than make a horrible mistake.  And of course, some would also argue that the death penalty is immoral.

Do you think Massachusetts should have the death penalty?

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