Felger and Massarotti opened the day minus one, Mazz is out sick and Adam Jones is filling in.  So Felger and Jones started the day talking about Rex Ryan, the New York Jets, and their upcoming game against the Patriots.

Should we commend Rex Ryan for not being afraid to voice his opinion on Belichick and Brady?

As long as Tom Brady is on the Patriots, can the Jets pass the Pats?

Comments (3)
  1. Maura says:

    I’d love to show up with a moving van of foam rubber fan paraphernalia (shaped like feet) and pass them out to all the fans before game time. Rex can kiss my ass.//

  2. BigBangclock says:

    Geez, rex just love’s to hear himself talk. Its pathetic ! Pats dominate 48-10 thanks in part to 6 brady td’s and 2 woodhead dropkick’s ! Fourth quarter belicheck feels bad and picks fans from the stands to sub ! But in all seriousness, belicheck must be salivating for this upcoming game

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