MANCHESTER, N.H. (AP) — It’s going to be three more months before a New Hampshire man gets his day in court to fight a speeding ticket he got for driving more than 100 miles per hour when his wife was in labor.

John Coughlin of Londonderry was given an April court date Monday when he appeared to answer a charge he was going 102 mph in a 55 mph speed zone on Sept. 18.

Coughlin arrived at Manchester District Court with his wife, Angela, and baby Kyle asleep in a car seat. Coughlin paid a $50 fine for failing to appear in court last week. He said his paperwork had a different date.

Coughlin says his now four-month-old son might be driving by the time the speeding ticket ordeal is over.

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Comments (23)
  1. FJ says:

    Just more evidence that NH drivers are reckless. 100mph when your wife is going into labor? Way to put your entire family in jeopardy, moron. Police escort or no, that’s just wrong.

    1. Mumbles Manino says:

      Right! Every driver in New Hampshire drives over 100 mph. Wait, no they don’t. Way to be a moron.

    2. mother says:

      No kidding. You can bet that if this guy was responsible for the death of his wife and child, he would be suing the police department for not stopping him in the first place.

  2. DStein says:

    I’m sorry, but this guy is a dope. He endangered not only his wife and soon to be born son, but everyone else on I-293 at that time. It will be interesting to see how the judge handles this situation.

    1. Judge Judy says:

      I doubt it was bumper to bumper at 3:29 AM. But way to critisize a father and husband doing what he thinks is best for his family.

  3. Mann says:

    I agree. If this man could call 911 while speeding, it would have been much easier to call them in the first place and put his wife and unborn child in safe and trained hands. Thank God no one was hurt or killed, including him and his wife.

    1. Ronald McDonald says:

      Where does it say he called 911? No where.

      1. moulton says:

        How do you think the police officer who was trying to PULL him over turned into an ESCORT.?

  4. Brad says:

    He should get a ticket, 102 mph is beyond ecessive. Pay the ticket, enjoy your new baby and move on with your life buddy.

  5. natu says:

    contrary to what i originally believed: why couldn’t both cars pull over and the police car take the family?

  6. Jody Beighley says:

    he should just pay the ticket and move on….he could have seriously endangered anyones life by driving at 100 m. p.h… thats insane…no matter what the situation

    1. Peter Phrampton says:

      Oh okay Jody. You’re right! There are lot’s of people on the road at 3:29 AM! Just kidding. No there aren’t. Also, your use of ellipses is sickening.

  7. cynic says:

    Neither one of them is too bright.

  8. Cynic says:

    Once I broke down on Rte 20 in Sturbridge. I was walking to find a Phone when a Statie picked me up. He called a Tow truck and drove me back to my Car. That was the Scariest ride of my life…..Who are these people that live their lives at 100MPH to be giving ANYONE at ticket?

  9. jaygee says:

    Is this guy really serious? What’s he going to say to the judge to excuse flying down the road at 100 mph? “But Judge, my wife was having a baby”! Obviously, this news-seeker is under the assumption that this was some sort of immaculate conception. Listen pal, it happens every day.

    1. Cynic says:

      Is he a “News Seeker” or are you projecting?

  10. resp says:

    If he wasn’t appearing on all of these news programs, he probably would have a time to appear in court last week. There was a wrong date on the paperwork…nice excuse…
    You say you are fighting it becuase you think you will lose your license? You deserve to lose you license. boo hoo, I feel for you…suck it up and except the consequences….you broke the law…

  11. vlizzle says:

    Granted he showed some seriously poor judgment, but hey he was most likely totally freaked out – his wife is in labor and if he didn’t drive that fast the child would have been born in the car – and I don’t care if it happens all the time. For one minute put yourself in his shoes and tell me you would have been completely calm. They made it to the hospital with only 6 minutes to spare. And what kind of traffic was on the road at 3AM anyway?

  12. JAWN says:

    They should have called 911, the ambulance crews are trained in child birth and could transport mom and baby quickly and safely. Driving 102 mph is just crazy and endangering mom and baby that way is just no excuse. She stated on TV that lesson learned, they’d do the same thing again! So they think they are above the law and can speed that excessively instead of calling for an ambulance with trained EMT’s to assist. I hope for their sake it doesn’t happen again, he was lucky he didn’t get in an accident injuring or killing his wife,baby, himself, or some innocent person.

    1. Cynic says:

      Babies don’t always wait for Ambulances….The Point a lot miss is that he DIDN’T get in an accisent,and DIDN’T kill his wife and child. He was speeding in an emergency. The Troopers Speed all the time because who’s to stop them?

  13. Cynic says:

    He was going 102 MPH? Everyone is assuming that the Police always tell the truth.. They don’t.

  14. JAWN says:

    Cynic, I know babies don’t wait for ambulances but if she had time to get dressed, walk to the car, and start driving they had time to call for ambulance! The point that he didn’t get into an accident doesn’t make it right. He’s lucky that nothing mechanical happened to his car. The point is that he endangered his family. Even if he was doing 90 and not 102, he still endangered them. The EMT’s could deliver the baby if they had to! It’s understandable that she wanted to be in the hospital but there are quite a few instances where babies are born at home or on the side of the road because the parents didn’t call for assistance when they could have.

  15. JAWN says:

    Cynic, my point is that they had time to dress, walk to the car, and start to drive they had time to call for help. I am sure it would have been a lot faster for EMS to arrive at the house and safely transport her. EMS can assist with the birth if needed. He is lucky that no mechanical problems happened with his car traveling that fast. Regardless if he was doing 102 or 90! It is still dangerous!

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