BOSTON (CBS) – Here’s some news and notes from around the NFL.


I laughed and even mocked Pete Carroll and the Seahawks for getting into the playoffs.

They were 7 and 9 and “Pom Pom” Pete was cheering that idea on. Well, now I take it back and there is egg on my face. Pete Carroll and his band of players won in a huge upset. Nobody thought they would beat the Saints and they did. They have proven they belong and maybe Pete’s “happy, happy, joy, joy” ways work.

“It didn’t matter what I said to them, or what was said outside, and all of the story lines and all that, they just did not buy it,” Carroll said.

“Where that came from? If I knew that, we’d have something special here. It came out of an attitude and it came out of a faith in one another.”

Hey, Pete’s laughing last.


The Jets did it again. Maybe the beauty of Rex Ryan is that his team always seems to be ready for the playoffs. Yesterday was another game they should not have won but they kept pulling on the chain together and pulled it out.

The Colts did what many teams have to done to Peyton Manning. They left too much time on the clock. Mark Sanchez took that time and did his thing.

Now the Jets have moved on in the playoffs.

“We’ve been in some close ones this year, but to come out and pull this game out against a great football team, against a great quarterback, it was a Herculean effort,” a relieved Ryan said.

“I mean really, I’m just thankful for the men I coach. Thankful for the two backs we got, that pounded it in there. Thankful for that coaching staff. Thankful for Nick Folk, and I’m thankful that I finally got to beat Peyton Manning.”

The Jets are now headed to New England to play the Patriots for the third time this year.


Soccer 6 isn’t feeling well, but like a mailman, 6 keeps delivering the good stuff.

The season finale of “Football Wives” was this week and 6 says, that this show was some gluteus maximus.

I can’t believe Soccer and I share the same thoughts on this.

Here’s the difference though, I knew the show was bad from the get go. 6 needed to watch the whole season. Soccer is a little dumber now. 6 says the final episode had the girls going to NYC for a ladies weekend and they just ended up having a UFC cage match.

Fighting and bickering and no fun. I am struggling to find out if Soccer thought something else was going to happen.

6 hopes that VH1 cancels this show. Folks, my prayers have been answered. Now I need the same reaction from VH1’s Basketball Wives.”

Soccer says Chad Ochocinco has another job. He is now the face of This, folks, is ridiculous.

Chad had a televison show as a side job, he was one of the faces for some pistachio company and now this.

By the way this season, he was terrible at his real job, being the Bengals wide receiver. 6 says don’t be shocked if Chad does not return to football, to which I have to tell Soccer, CHILD PLEEZ. His face time and celebrity started with the NFL. If you take that from him you take a huge part of who he is. Chad has a future after football, but he is a wide receiver first. He should try putting more time into that because the other stuff is hot garbage. 

Soccer has more and this is a shocker. Ben Roethlisberger is engaged. Yes this is the same Ben Roethlisberger who was in huge trouble with the police for a situation with a young lady in Georgia.

Soccer tells us her name is Ashley Harlan and she graduated college last year. Now right there, I could say a lot of things about cruising the college scene or hanging out at the local Sonic to find ladies but I won’t.

Soccer says maybe Ben did realize something from his situation this summer and applauds him for settling down. C’mon man, I am having trouble with this one. Ben is not one of my favorite people.

And finally, Soccer says the most exciting news of the week is the premiere of the show the “Onion Sports Dome” on Comedy Central. I agree totally with 6 because I am a primary character on this show.

The “Dome” premiere’s on Tuesday, January 11th at 10:30 on Comedy Central. Soccer says this is a good show for date night and, even though I love the enthusiasm, date night may be a stretch.

It’s a great show for all genders. If you love the Onion, then you’ll love the feel of this show and the mock on sports.

My character is “Doc Webb” and he’s a sports analyst. That’s really all I can share, but watch. I promise you will laugh so hard, you’ll want to punch your momma and then you’ll want to know how many lawyers we must have on staff because we are obviously going to get sued.

It’s all in fun, Tuesday at 10:30 on Comedy Central. Watch!!!!

Thank you all for reading and thank you Soccer 6 for playing hurt and knocking it out of the park.

  1. Shelli says:

    Bring back Soccer6 in your blogs please

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