By Kathy McCormack, Associated Press

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) – A snow squall on southbound Interstate 93 caused multiple pileups involving at least 30 cars and a bus in Canterbury, injuring at least nine people and shutting down the road, state police said Saturday. No fatalities were reported.

None of the injuries are life-threatening, said Concord Hospital nursing supervisor Angelique Dixon, and most of the injured are expected to be treated and released from the hospital.

“We had a few little flakes. Just all of a sudden we came into this huge snow squall,” said Rebecca Buskey of Ashland, 55, whose husband, Peter, was driving their pickup truck when it was rear-ended. “The roads were just slick.”

The couple’s truck was among the first vehicles involved in the accident. Buskey said her husband started slowing down and was trying to pull aside when they saw two or three cars that had rammed into guardrails or were off the road.

Buskey said she and her husband were shaken but not hurt, and they were able to get out of their truck and walk along the median. They tried to warn oncoming drivers.

“Everybody was just running up on the banks to be safe,” Buskey said. “My husband and I were screaming, ‘Get off the road! Get off the road! We could see them sliding. … It kept piling up.”

The early afternoon accident shut down the southbound side of I-93, just north of Exit 18. It has since reopened.

“It’s something you only see on the movies,” Buskey said.

The couple run a tow truck company in New Hampton. They had planned to spend to go out to eat in Concord, but Peter Buskey ended up assisting with stranded cars.

“We’re all right,” she said. “I’m just a little shocked.”

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