Couple In Labor Speeding To Hospital Gets Ticket

LONDONDERRY, N.H. (CBS) – A calm and happy baby — Kyle Coughlin came into the world in a hurry. It all started normally enough in the middle of a September night.

“I called the doctor, let him know we were heading to the hospital,” said his mother Angela.

But in that short ride to the hospital, things got urgent fast. Angela’s water broke, the baby started to crown and John hit the gas. Hard.

Soon, there was a trooper on their tail.

“I called 911 to make sure that he knew I wasn’t trying to outrun him or ignoring him,” said John Coughlin.

Angela’s screams can be heard on the tape of the 911 call. “He’s coming out and I’m just screaming in the car just praying he’s not going to come in the car.”

WBZ-TV’s Peg Rusconi has more.

The dispatcher made the trooper aware of the situation, and the trooper then pulled in front, escorting them to Catholic Medical Center.

“When he got in front of us and helped us out, I thought, oh, he understands this is an emergency,” said Angela.

And it was. Kyle Coughlin was born six minutes later. John Coughlin then stepped out to see the trooper. “He said congratulations on your son but I’m going to have to see you in court.”

John was allegedly driving 102 miles per hour in a 55 mph zone.

“I thought it was ridiculous. I thought I had done everything I could have done,” said Coughlin.

He told WBZ he didn’t know how fast he was going.

“Nobody could be happier for this family than the state police,” said Major Russell Conte of the NH State Police, but he defends the trooper’s choice to write the ticket. “102 mph is a dangerous thing whether the roads were clear or not.”

What’s not clear is which side will prevail. It’s now up to a judge.

  • DStein

    102 MPH on I-293?? This guy deserves more than a ticket! I’m sorry, but that just endangers everyone including the soon to be born. If it was that much of an emergency then dial 911 and let the paramedics deal with your wife. They have the skills, knowledge and equipment to deliver a baby enroute to the hospital by AMBULANCE.

    • Bethany Anna Simmonzs

      6 minutes. SIX. There wasn’t time, he did what he had to do. Sure the cop was within rights to ticket, but Hubby did the right thing, as evidenced by the safe delivery of the baby and lack of wrecks on the way.

      • That's Life

        WOW! Looking at all your replies, it surely seems that you felt it was your civic duty to reply to many of these comments on this subject, huh? Do us all a favor and get some professional assistance, Oh! not judging , just an observation, that’s all. Do make a great day happen!

    • Doreen Robinson


      • Frenchie

        I totally agree with you. Not being prepared for emergencies certainly does not negate your abilities to go with the driving laws of ther state. Millions of babies have been born, and you as a soon to be parent must have a plan in case things arise during the pregnancy. This is not the 1940’s there’s lots of info out there should anything like this ever happen.

    • Steve

      This woman gave birth 6 minutes after reaching the hospital with a police escort! Do you think the baby would have waited had he been going slower? If he dialed 911 do you honestly thing they would have got to him in time? I don’t, I think he would be sitting on the side of a hightway trying to deliver his baby himself. Good for him, I’d have done the same.

      • adarc

        They might have delivered in her bathroom or in the ambulance, but EMTs are trained for that, AND they wouldn’t have endangered everyone else on the road including themselves.

      • Sarah

        Are you kidding? I hardly think the trooper contiinued to drive at 102 mph! duhh

      • Steve

        People make is seem as though you cannot drive that fast without getting into an accident, although it’s not a good idea generally, this was a bit of an emergency. From reading the article it states… “But in that short ride to the hospital, things got urgent fast. Angela’s water broke, the baby started to crown and John hit the gas.” Doesn’t sound like he set out with things so serious, they got serious as they drove… I suppose you/your husband would have pulled over at that point, with your baby crowning, and hoped an ambulance would have got there on time? I doubt it.

      • monkey

        this guy does not deserve a ticket, the officer deserves a ticket for escorting, if the officer didn’t think it was an emergency, then why didn’t he pull the couple over and call 911? Because he knew there was an emergency and the couple needed to get to the hospital….The officer was waiting for the outcome, if the baby died, do you think ewould have issued the ticket???

      • Kevin from LA

        yeh dude thats whats up…those people that are happy he got a ticket are the reason things are so bad now..old scared to change and want a police state bcuz theyre too weak to live life or its already passed them by and they want to ruin it for everybody else..

        hell yeah i wouldve done the same thing f*** that cop, hes after ticket money is all

  • cynic

    102 is too much.

    • Bravo2Zero

      – In your opinion.

      • monkey

        there is no right or wrong here,,, what if the cop stopped the couple and called 911 (which he didn’t) and the baby suffered from cord strangulation while waiting for the paramedics to arrive, no oxygen to the brain even for 5 minutes would result in permanent brain damage,,,the cop would then be at fault…, what the cop did is wait for the baby to be born and see if the baby was ok, then issues the ticket? Wicked…he would not have issued the ticket if the baby died in the ER

      • Miles Hanson

        actually law states its too fast Bravo…
        what some of you don’t realize is that this is NH in January.. its cold in the middle of the night.. roads freeze
        baby or not..this debate wouldn’t be happening had he got in an accident.
        you all would be saying he was driving too fast.

      • Art

        @Miles Hanson

        please re-read first paragraph…

        LONDONDERRY, N.H. (CBS) – A calm and happy baby — Kyle Coughlin came into the world in a hurry. It all started normally enough in the middle of a SEPTEMBER night.

        Obiviously… it was not in January

  • Thomas Hood

    I have to agree. I wanted to be outraged at the officer’s actions but he was completely justified in citing the guy. 102mph is unreasonable and dude deserves the ticket. It’s reckless and only by sheer luck was it wreck-less.

  • response

    he drives 102 MPH and uses his cell phone? sorry, you deserve more than a speeding ticket.

    • ron

      Sorry you need a nut sack.

    • monkey

      using a cell phone at 102 desrves an award, how many people can do that and keep their cool while having your son come out

  • Couple In Labor Speeding To Hospital Gets Ticket - MassCops

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  • Charlie

    I agree 102 is to fast, 80 is 1 thing, 102 no friggen way!!

    • monkey

      80 is 1 thing? I know people who are still unsafe to drive while at 65. Drive a bimmer, driving 100 feels as if you’re going 65

  • Charlie

    He can fight it all he wants, hes wasting his time and my tax money pay up and move on

    • Bravo2Zero

      Stop being an a**bag. He has the right to challenge anything…this is America you jack wad. You don’t pay all the flippin’ taxes in the country.

  • cynic

    One time I pulled into Dunkin Donuts in Nashua. I parked next to a Troopers Car. Another Car pulled in and stopped on the other side of the Statie.A man got out and asked the Trooper for directions. The cop gave him a ticket for leaving his car unattened with the engine running. True story !

    • mark

      Stick to the subject! If you are possible of doing that.

      • cynic

        My point was that often people do dumb things,including Cops. I think capable a would have been a better choice of words.

  • vlizzle

    WOW 102 is wicked fast, but I am sure he was panicking with his wife in labor and not thinking very clearly. After all the baby was born 6 minutes after arrival. If he wasn’t going that fast the baby probably would have been born in the car. I’m just glad that nobody was hurt in the process.

  • grammyp

    Are you kidding??? Only a fool would take off at over 100mph when a baby’s birth is imminent instead of calling 911 to get professional help from trained first responders. He’s lucky the speeding ticket was the worst thing that happened; the outcome could have been tragic! The trooper did everything right and should be commended for his actions. This man, on the other hand, should be ashamed of himself. I hope he is severely reprimanded for the original incident and for tying up the courts’ time and taxpayers’ dollars with this ridiculous appeal! He needs to admit he was wrong, pay up, and get over it!!!

    • Bravo2Zero

      Sounds like you need to return to reality. Who died and made you dictator of court appeals? Old-Ass Fool!

  • Wizard

    Babies can be born at home just fine.
    There is/was NO EMERGENCY….

    • cynic

      Would seeing the top of the Babys head change your mind?

      • Sarah


        Would seeing the top of the Babys head change your mind?


      • Lori

        Seeing the top of the babys’ head would not change my mind. Seeing this poor mother lose her baby because her husband drove too fast (and crashed) WOULD change my mind.

    • Lori

      Wizard, I agree. Though I had all 4 of my kids at the hospital I would have to agree with you. Having a kid can definitely be stressful, especially if it is your first, but safety of yourself and unborn child is still paramount… at least it should be.

    • shay

      Not necessarily true. If that’s the case, then women wouldn’t need to be monitored by several nurses throughout the whole process. It definitely is an emergency and requires professional support…especially if mother or child are undergoing complications. There’s a higher chance of birth complications versus a 10 minute drive, speeding to the hospital.

  • MaryC

    Why didn’t he call 911 first. Then the police would’ve been working with him from the beginning. He is lucky he got everyone to the hospital alive . Giving him a ticket seems cold, but I think the Trooper was trying to make a point.

  • buddy

    His wife should divorce him. Not only did he put the general publics safety in jeopardy but that of his unborn child and wife. What a complete idiot. He should lose his license for driving to endanger.

    What a complete idiot. You know the old saying…….Stupid is as stupid does!

    • Sarah

      Buddy, I agree with you. Coughlin is lucky the trooper didn’t arrest him for Child Endangerment or Reckless Endangerment! If I had been that trooper, I would have. Would landing in jail have made this dope happy? It is said that “You can’t ticket stupid.” But this case sure comes close enough! Can’t wait to see the court results!

      • LeAnne

        I am sure his wife proabbly had a lot to do with him driving that fast. Men do not understand how much pain that is and I’m sure she wanted him to do whatever he could to get there THEN. 102 is fast, but people have done worse things for less. Had they called 911 she probably would have had that baby at her house. Who knows how long it wouldve taken the ambulance to get there. I realize having the baby at home is okay for some people. But I for one would have had no idea what to do nor would have my husband. sooo in retrospect, good for them. And shame on that cop. Had that cop been a woman I bet no ticket would have been cited!

  • Anon

    102 is not fast.

    • Sarah

      Neither is your brain!

      • Bravo2Zero

        sarah – you need to get some. your way uptight.

  • Nicole

    I was wreckless and stupid. He was probably really was scared and lost control like most men when a woman is pregnant. I hope they lessen the ticket. I don’t think it’s about the money, it’s about the damn surcharge the insurance company gives.

  • Mike

    I agree. Get off your high horses until you have been in that kind of situation. No one was on the road and the adrenaline was pumping. We all have done things that we wish we hadn’t done, and they were usually when we weren’t thinking straight!

    • adarc

      I have been – but 102 is closing in on twice the speed limit. Babies get born in cars all the time, what gives hime the right to drive like an idiot?

    • Liz

      And then after doing something we wish we hadn’t done then we usually take responsability for our actions. He should pay the ticket and stop complaining.

  • Emmit066

    Let’s look at the facts. He was traveling at a high rate of speed. He was intercepted by a State a State Trooper. He called 911 while driving to inform the State Police of the situation and was then escorted to the hospital. He was issued a citation.

    Maybe he actually had a hands free device in the car, or a car capable of voice dialing. People don’t do the smartest things when faced with an emergency that they are not prepared for. we also do not know anything of his wife’s condition at the time that would have necessitated such a response.

    While 102 can be fast, it is also relative to the vehicle he was driving. It’s really fast in a Yugo or a Ford Escort but not so much in a BMW, Mercedes, Mustang, or Chevy Impala.

    While I can see things from both the Trooper’s side as well as Mr. Coughlin’s side, Mr. Coughlin did break the law and was cited appropriately. it is up to the court/magistrate to decide if there should be a reduction in his fine.

    • Bethany Anna Simmonzs

      agreed, cynic–i timed out just responding to it, lol. Nobody commenting is qualified to judge anything. We weren’t there. We can’t say how much of an emergency this particular delivery was, or whether a 911 call instead of a drive would have been better or tragic. None of us can say whether THAT man driving THAT car on THAT road on THAT day with THAT weather and THAT traffic put anyone in danger at 102 or not. The cop did his job, pursued a speeder then escorted them to the hospital. In his judgment a ticket was called for. The judge will decide the ultimate disposition of the case. Everyone did/will do what they feel is best. All is right with the world, everyone chill out.

    • cynic

      Emmit066… How did you ever finish your comment without it timing out?

  • E Lamson

    The cop became an ESCORT – he shoul give himself a ticket – how does aiding and abeting grab you

    • Jim

      The stupidity of this comment is incomprehensible.

      • Bethany Anna Simmonzs

        not incomprehensible, just immense, and embarrassing.

      • Bravo2Zero

        just as stupid and incomprehensible as the cop giving him a ticket.

  • TheBigDog

    I only have one thing to say. Only in New Hampshire

    • AA

      Your comment is so true! Pretty much like Maine :”Where you can’t git thar from her~ah!!” for sure!! lmao Big Time!!

  • Christopher Desmond

    I agree with E Lamson, he was escorting a guy that was going 102 and figures it to happen in NH

    • sarah

      duhhh you are not illogical enough to really think the trooper continued at that speed–right?

      • Bethany Anna Simmonzs

        Sarah, your comment makes no sense. He may very well have done so, you don’t know. Your duhhhs are pretty lame, and should perhaps be reserved for yourself.

      • Bravo2Zero

        sarah – were you there? no…your speculating. just as chris is.

  • cynic

    Is WBZ aware that they have some serious problems with this Comment page.? Truthfully it is a king sized pain in the patootie to ALMOST finish your comment before it disappears.

  • cynic

    Why is the 100 MPH High Speed chase always some car with a top end of 70 MPH downhill with a tail wind…. If a Trooper sees you speeding and he goes 100 MPH to catch up with you were you going 100 ?…These are the questions the Court will answer.

  • cynic

    Is that the Baby in the Photo? Boy, they grow up fast in NH.

  • Jennifer

    I doubt he was doing 102…. Radar would have picked up both the speed the car was doing PLUS the cop car’s speed as the car was moving! The only time radar is accurate is when the unit is stable (unmoving). But in the cop car’s also speeding vehicle, its impossible it was accurate… I hope the judge throws the whole thing out!

    • KSun

      Absolutely this case should be thrown out of court, it’s stupid and cold. But on your comment, police cars can have moving radar, either that, or the officer was parked on the side, or he was pacing the other car (driving up behind and essentially matching your speed)

  • sean

    Pretty sure anyone would speed to get to the hospital if their wife was in labor, but going 102 is a little much. I don’t know what kind of car they have, but for a lot of cars if you get a blowout at that speed you’re going to be endanger of an accident. The cop could have easily had a chat with the man about making a better choice without giving him a ticket.

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