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BOSTON (CBS) — Bill Belichick’s approach to the playoff started the minute Sunday’s game ended.

Instead of talking about being 14 and 2, Belichick pushed the fact that now the team is 0-0.

“We don’t know who the next game is, but we know whoever it is will be a team that wins this coming weekend, which means they will be a very good team to win to win in the wild-card round of the playoffs,” Belichick said.

“I think right now, the most important thing for us is to try to improve in our own performance and preparation, doing things we can do to help ourselves. Then, once we find out who we are going to play, we’ll be a little more specific.”


Bill Belichick held a conference call Monday. Here are some of the items that were touched on and what he said.

Solid reviews for rookie WR Taylor Price. The rookie receiver was active for a game for the first time this season (26 snaps played, 3 receptions) and Belichick was asked what he saw. “I thought he did some good things, caught the ball inside, caught it in some traffic. [There were] some other things that he could have done better, but I thought he showed up and made some positive plays for us.”

Kyle Love on kickoff coverage. What was 6-foot-1, 310-pound defensive lineman Kyle Love doing on the kickoff coverage unit late in the game? “You never know when you might need an extra guy,” Belichick explained. As for Love’s performance in that role, Belichick said, “I thought he was pretty competitive running down there and covering.”

Praise for the team’s approach. When asked if it has been a “hard sell” when telling players there is room for improvement, Belichick praised the players for their consistent approach of coming to work every day and working to get better. “I think that’s a great attitude and a great approach to have,” he said. “I think, really, all of us should be that way.”


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