BOSTON (CBS) – There was a small earthquake in New Hampshire late Sunday night.

A 2.6 magnitude quake struck at 11:45 p.m. in the central part of the state, centered near Laconia.

There are no reports of damage.

WBZ Radio’s Kim Tunnicliffe reports

“It was a quick rumble. I heard it rather than I felt it,” Joe Coleman of Ashland told WBZ Radio Monday morning.

“I could feel the building shake, very, very minimal though. I said ‘Maybe I’m crazy, this feels like an earthquake.”

Dr. John Ebel at the Weston Observatory told WBZ these type of small quakes happen more than you might think.

WBZ Radio’s Rod Fritz talks to Dr. Ebel

“A small earthquake like this that gets felt occurs about half-a-dozen times per year somewhere in New England. So it’s not an every day occurrence but it’s not that uncommon.”

Ebel said central New Hampshire is the most active spot for quakes in New England.

“The earthquakes are being caused by the movement of the tectonic plates, because we’re being very slowly squeezed as the plates are moving across the globe and that squeezing causes the earthquakes we get.”

Ebel said the largest earthquake in New England’s history came in 1638. It was about a 6.5 magnitude.


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