BOSTON (AP) — Gov. Deval Patrick says he’s waiting for a report from his public safety undersecretary before passing judgment on the decision to parole a career criminal police say shot and killed Woburn officer John Maguire.

Patrick said Monday he hasn’t watched a tape of 57-year-old Dominic Cinelli’s 2008 parole board hearing and warned against a rush to recrimination. He said the focus should be on Maguire’s grieving family.

WBZ’s Jon Keller reports.

Investigators say Cinelli shot 60-year-old Maguire after a jewelry heist Dec. 26. Cinelli was fatally shot by police. He was paroled from three concurrent life sentences for crimes including an armed robbery when a guard was wounded.

House Speaker Robert DeLeo said his reaction would be to ban parole for anyone serving multiple life sentences. Republicans say they’ll push for a law to keep violent repeat offenders in prison.

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Comments (5)
  1. macmum says:

    Some things never change – like Govenor Patrick is a total tool – and totally anti-police. Not a single MSP class/graduation since he took office Is he Really about public safety? . Makes you think doesn’t it?

  2. cynic says:

    Given the nature of peoples mindset on this subject . The Gov. would be well advised to stay ten miles away from it. Right or wrong,people don’t want to hear it.

  3. john_hudsonma says:

    I bet his opinion would have been different if this situation occurred a month before the election.

  4. Just Me says:

    I don’t want to hear anything the Gov has to say on this subject. The guy was serving 3 life sentences and he was out on parole. Don’t jump to any conclusions! What the %%%% is he thinking by saying that? The shooter was serving 3 life sentences and out on parole! I agree with John the gov would be singing a different tune if the election was a month away.

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