By Beth Germano, WBZ-TVBy Beth Germano

MILBURY (CBS) — It’s a small crime that has a big impact on the hearts of veterans in the central Massachusetts town of Millbury.

Since last October, thieves have stolen several small bronze stars from the town’s war memorials.

They are a true symbol of service and can be found on 28 memorials affixed to the corners of plaques that bear the names of the young men who lost their lives in battle. “This whole stone is in memory of those who gave their lives,” said Joseph Bianculli, a Korean war veteran who is senior vice commander of the Millbury Veterans Council.

WBZ-TV’s Beth Germano reports.

It took some effort to pry the small stars from the plaques that have been erected outside Millbury Town Hall, and on two other memorials in town to a World War II and Korean War veteran.

Bianculli doesn’t think the thieves will reap much reward. “There isn’t any value,” he said. “None at all. You could have a handful of stars and I doubt they’d be worth $10 in scrap.”

The stars have now been replaced costing the council over seven hundred dollars from the limited budget it uses to maintain the memorials and also erect new ones.

Vietnam veteran Stuart Mulhane, the council’s commander calls it disheartening. “I wonder if some people that caused the damage really knew what they were doing. I think now they probably do,” he said.

The stars may be small, but Bianculli says they complete the honor, and he takes the vandalism personally. “For somebody to go do something like this is a desecration of their memory,” he said.

Comments (8)
  1. cynic says:


  2. Wizard says:

    Those are GOLD stars, not bronze.
    They are worth $1400 an ounce.
    You’ll never convince those morons otherwise…

    1. concerned local says:

      Do you seriously believe they are gold stars? Do they hand out gold medals to soldiers? No, they hand out bronze.
      Do you think they would put out gold stars out in public where someone could potentially steal them like this? No, that would be inviting trouble.
      You are the moron here.

      1. cynic says:

        I think Wizard was being facetious.

  3. Wizard says:

    They are NOT gold stars.
    They are monetarily worthless bronze.
    So you tell me why these vandals stole them.

  4. magnum pi says:

    Catch them and send them to Afganistan………..So they can earn there own.

  5. cynic says:

    I type a Comment and click Submit. It disappears. I type it again and click submit and the notice.. “You Have already said that” comes up….What am I doing wrong?

  6. cynic says:

    Is there any appeal when a comment is censored. I have reworded mine several times and it still won’t go through.

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