In the past 24 hours a strong storm system has sparked an outbreak of powerful thunderstorms along the Mississippi Valley. The Severe Storms prediction center reporting 40 confirmed tornadoes have torn over parts of Illinois, Missouri, Arkansas and Mississippi.

According to The Associated Press, at least six people have been killed and several more injured by the twisters on New Year‘s Eve. Dozens of homes have been damaged or destroyed and thousands have been left without power. Golf ball- to baseball-sized hail pounded many cities and towns across the region.

This outbreak is a result of warm moist air coming out of the Gulf of Mexico colliding with Dry Arctic air swinging down from the Northern plains. Strong winds aloft have provided perfect tilt to these thunderstorms to keep persistent updrafts going with a mass exodus of air from the surface thanks to upper level diverging winds.

High pressure off the Mid-Atlantic coast is giving us great weather to start off the year 2011. A mild start with Plenty of sunshine this morning with light SW winds at the surface will allow temps to climb into the Lwr 50’s…and may even climb into the mid 50’s in a few areas if the sun holds strong through the afternoon.

I am expecting high clouds to be increasing this afternoon ahead of the rain to our west, which will be moving through tonight in a weakened state. Showers are likely after midnight through the morning hours tomorrow. These will be scattered showers where not much more than a tenth-.20″ of rain will fall at the most. Showers will linger until 10 AM Sunday …before clouds start to break by the midday with increasing sunshine from west to east during the afternoon. It will take until 2-4 PM for the sunshine to reach the coast. Temps will start mild, near 50,  and start to fall off into the Lwr 40’s by sunset.

Cooler air will be on the move Sunday night with clearing skies. Brisk NW winds will develop Monday. Seasonally cool for much of the week ahead with mainly dry conditions. We will track a short wave rolling through Tuesday night…but moisture will be limited so I am not expecting much more than clouds. Cold air advection will follow in behind this disturbance to keep the cool down going through the end of the week with highs bottoming out near 30-33 degrees.

Another more vigorous shortwave could be digging in towards the Great Lakes and through New England for the end of the week. There is the potential Clipper Low to slide south of New England and deepen just off the coast for a brief burst of accumulating snowfall late Friday into Early Saturday. That is simply one measly Euro run on a Saturday morning for an event a week a away…so that will obviously change in many forms before we get a handle on that.

The pattern a whole has taken a break. The blocking pattern has broken down a bit. The real Arctic air is exhausted in Canada…and has shifted to the other side of the Globe….but it is cold enough that when steered into the US it can cause storms…as we are seeing now. This coming week will be a tolerable chill..with a breakdown of a brief thaw.

Looking ahead, behind any disturbance which happens at the end of the week…cold arctic air will begin to press south again with persistent NW winds out of Canada. The week of the 10th-15th will be much colder than what we will see this week. Any big storms? I don’t see any now, but they do have a history of creeping up on us from time to time!

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  1. kent says:

    joe the below zero weather you are calling for in two weeks do you think it might be record breaking?

  2. JimmyJames says:

    Happy New Year Joe and to the rest of my fellow bloggers!

  3. Gail says:

    Didnt Todd gutner look like the biggest geek interviewing people last night? OMG he seem so amazed that some woman was going to have a baby next summer!!! it was funny stuff.

  4. kent says:

    hi jimmy happy new year are you going to the blog get together?

  5. shotime says:

    Why do people have to be so critical of others! Be nice to thy fellow man, try it on for size… you might find it fits rather nicely! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  6. JimmyJames says:

    I asked the question last night and some responded but I will ask it again. What are your weather wishes for 2011? Mine are a few good snowstorms and less heat and humidity this summer.

    1. coach23 says:

      Another hot summer just like last year

  7. shotime says:

    JJ, Unfortunately my 2011 weather wish usually entails the heat and humidity you’re not too found of since I love big boomers. So that’s my wish for 2011… lots of intense thunderstorms (minus any property damage or personal injury)!

    1. JimmyJames says:

      Shotime I do love thunderstorms to and I am sure we will get some good thunderstorm days.

  8. kent says:

    a nice hurricane to prune all the dead branches in my yard that im too cheap to have taken down.also a warm rest of the winter so i can save on heat,im really cheap!!

  9. shotime says:

    I love the last sentence in NOAA’s forecast discussion…THIS
    STORM POTENTIAL WILL NEED TO BE CALMLY MONITORED. Calmly and snowstorms, not in my world! My excitement level goes off the chart whenever I hear the mention of a possible snowstorm. HA!

  10. southshoretom says:

    to avoid a repeat of that summer weather we had a couple years ago where it was in the 60s many days in June and July and it rained a majority of the time.

  11. BaileyMan says:

    WOW!!!!!!!! if the latest 12z Gfs are correct?!! we would have a storm next Friday into the Weekend that would be even more powerful then the last storm!!! 960mb and/or lower?!!! are you kidding me?!!!!! and up to 2 feet of snow!!!! plus the storm would stack vertically and move very slowly to the east south of SNE?!!! all i can say is WOW!!! But then again were talking 6 days out!!! so clearly alot can change!!! But all i am saying is IF this run is true???? Blizzard of 2010 just met its match!!!!!! because that Baby is hugh!!!!!! if you love STORMS??! hope this is a new trend unfolding that the other models pick up on!! ill await any indication from the Euro on this one but, fingers crossed it pans out!! yes im a tad excited but, cautiously optimistic??!! i shouldnt fall for this just yet! lol should i?!!! ok i wont….hmm? ya..dont want to get burned yet again so…ill just chill now………………..!

  12. Scott says:

    12z GFS shows a beauty. this storm has serious potential of happening, got the GFS and EURO on board.

  13. Scott says:

    heres the QPF for that storm, my jaw dropped.

    only 6 days away….but this snow pack is losing its grip quick, would be nice to get it all back a week from now

  14. Ed says:

    Scott i heard paul kocin mention on the weather channel new years eve that he thinks that storm could be bigger than the previous two,he has been good this year.he said it could bring eastern NE over a foot

    1. coach23 says:

      But he hasn’t been gone from the Weather Channel for a long time

  15. PatonBack says:

    You can not be serious?! If this storm forms?! Watch out baby!!!
    Blizzard of 2011!!!!!!!!! check this 500mb projection out!

  16. Scott says:

    that was eye candy right there^

  17. DaveTopNotchForecaster says:

    Ah that would be like the Blizzard of 78 guys! Could it be??? talking 2 to 3 feet in some places in SNE! and winds gusting to hurricane force and Barometric pressures of like umm? 28.35?! is that a misprint?

  18. tomOpete says:

    what say you joe joyce????

    1. nothjoejoycce says:

      I will say that it will NOT happen.

  19. leo says:

    That is absolutely crazy QPF Scott. That would satisfy my snow needs for a while!

  20. leo says:

    That looks like a nucleur bomb!!!!

  21. Scott says:

    i dont see any major warm ups after that storm either…like the last one.

    six day out…have to keep that in mind.

  22. southshoretom says:

    is the 12z GFS rotating a disturbance off of the Hudson Bay Polar Vortex, rotating it southeastward thru the Great Lakes and intensifying it as it rides just along the south coast. Plausible given blocking at higher latitudes…..

  23. WXMAN says:

    Bring it on!! Blizzard 2011

  24. leo says:

    Didnt notice any high to the north! I would like to see that with one of these storms. Not that it mattered much on the last storm.

  25. JimmyJames says:

    All I am going to say is there is POTENTIAL late next week. I am not jumping on board the storm train. Thanks for some of the responses on your weather wishes for 2011. I enjoyed reading them and can’t wait to hear others weather wishes for this year.

  26. leo says:

    My weather wish is for the 12z model to verify! That would be incredible.

  27. southshoretom says:

    when lows explode to our south….traveling from west to east…ie about NYC to Nantucket….in my opinion and recollection, those storms often begin with rain in much of eastern New England due to the strong east surface winds. Sometime when the low reaches Block Island or the Vineyard and the surface winds begin to back into the NE and N, then the rain-snow line collapses to the coast.

  28. The Bruins Guy says:

    Thunderstorms, thunderstorms and more thunderstorms!!!!
    Happy New year to all!

  29. BaileyMan says:

    Leo, there is a weak sprawling area of high pressure just north of NE but it is weak and spread out…however, here is 1 important consideration when projection of such a storm event this far out picked up by 2 models as a possibility and the potential for
    bombogenisus !!!!!! just south of SNE. usually it verifies to some degree or perhaps to its maximum! Models would not project such an intense event in the atmosphere without the proper synoptic and upper level ingredients necessary for such explosive storm development unless the potential does indeed exist!! now computer runs may alter a bit prior to such an event but, generally speaking the end….there usually is a justification for such a pronounced early call on the formation of such storms!!! im not making a prediction on this potential yet but, facts are facts! and historically speaking such an anomolous event projected this early by computer models usually does occur in one form or another! just something to keep in the back of your minds..and to get a bit excited about perhaps!?!!

  30. Longshot says:

    OK, we must remain calm.
    You have to take a model’s personality into account when forecasting. Here are examples.

    GFS: whimsical, eccentric and sometimes schizophrenic.
    GGEM: risk taker.
    EURO: proud and confident
    NAM: cautious type; non risk taker
    UKMET: dark and mysterious

    When I look at models (and I can’t read them well to start with) I like the combination of the proud and the risk taker.

  31. leo says:

    It seems that is the case sometimes SSTom but it looks there will be plenty of cold to begin with, I think! Can anyone else comment on SSToms analysis.,its a valid point.

    1. Longshot says:

      leo, sst’s comment is probably historically correct BUT as you pointed out it will differ based on the 1) presence of cold air and 2) the storm track being as little as 50 miles one way or the other (or perhaps ,50 miles)..

  32. DaveATopNotchForecaster says:

    leo as much as i enjoy your humanistic twist and or metmorphical analysis of computer models. they are just that, computers! and i dont necessarily agree that the euro and the nam are top dogs! in fact, the Gfs was the first and perhaps most consistent model regarding the last storms eventual production. and from time to time they all are in the zone! so perhaps its the GFS run?!! awaiting the latest euro..if its on board? we MAY be on to something BIG?!! isnt this exciting for us weather fanatics!!!

  33. DaveATopNotchForecaster says:

    sorry my last post was meant for longshot!!!!!

    1. Longshot says:

      DaveA, I agree the GFS seemed to get one right the last time. But prior to that the model did not seem all that reliable. Of course 7 days out, it’s speculative until there is some agreement.

  34. leo says:

    At hr 132 does that look like some overunning snow beginning at that time?That would be Thursday afternoon. Thanks

  35. Topkatt88 says:

    Happy New Year everyone!

    One caution I’d like to put out there regarding the 12z GFS’s depiction of the evolution of the storm threat for late next week. There is no moisture feed from the Gulf of Mexico into this initial low pressure area which is coming around the base of a 500mb low from the west. That right away limits moisture available for the storm to dump on us. And by the time Atlantic moisture really gets cranking, the system is pulling away. That setup looks more like a moderate powder snowstorm, very cold, with lots of wind, but not tremendous snow amounts. Don’t pay attention to QPF on a model run that far out. It’s seldom even close to being right.

    1. Longshot says:

      I like the idea of moderate powder!

  36. TomTold33 says:

    actually the last 2 runs of the Euro both hinted at storm development south of new england ..the earlier 12z run from friday had a pretty intense storm development but further south then the latest Gfs. the later ooz run of the Euro again showed storm development south of SNE in a similar location as the latest Gfs run but, it was a much weaker storm. Interesting to see if the next run merges those 2 solutions with greater amplification!?! we shall see?..a trend may be starting?!! operative word is may!

  37. kent says:

    joe joyce could you comment on what looks like a major storm for the end of the week

  38. Ryan Breton says:

    LOL at the 12z GFS!

  39. leo says:

    Topkatt 88 , I know this is far into the future but doesnt this kind of look similiar to the track of the April1 Storm of 13 years ago. I know there wasnt any gulf of Mexico moisture in that one just a bomb that hung aroung for 30hrs or so.

    1. Topkatt88 says:

      That was a very unique storm. And I’m always cautious about comparisons. I heard alot of people comparing Blizzard 2010 to the March 1993 superstorm. There was very little in common between those 2 storms.

  40. kent says:

    Topkatt is the blog get together going to be at papa ginos in woburn?

    1. Topkatt88 says:

      There is nothing solid planned right now.

  41. Dave H says:

    After the model gyrations, as Barry would say, that were experienced while trying to pin down the last storm, anyone with any degree of common sense would not hang his/her hat on that one model run. Having said that, it certainly is a fascinating prospect. However, I am sure many coastal residents can do without a slow moving coastal bomb.

  42. leo says:

    Thanks Dave H, we need people like you to keep people like me thinking straight throughout these evolving storm possibilities.

  43. RMB says:

    Kent, i have to laugh at your comment!!! Dude it is nice out today so go for a long walk, it is good for ya!!!

  44. kent says:

    joe joyce can you comment on the changes in the forcast over the next week,it seems things have changed since your blog.

  45. Bobblehead334canton says:

    Topkatt i totally respect your knowledge in weather forecasting but you always play it conservative and you were incorrect in your early calls on both of the previous storms you underestimated precipitation both times until the day before each storm. besides with such a potential set up next weekend the atlantic would supply plenty of moisture. remember we have had some big storms without originating in gulf of mexico.

    1. Topkatt88 says:

      Yes we certainly can. And I get plenty wrong. But I feel that I have sound reasoning at this early stage. I don’t change my forecasting style unless I feel I need to, and I have only made minor adjustments over 20+ years. In fact Barry Burbank was my main roll model, and we both went to the same college. :-)

      But I have to make one correction, I was incorrect on the early call of the last storm, not the one before it. The one before it behaved very much as expected.

    2. Topkatt88 says:

      Oops I apologize for kind of cutting the reply short, detail-wise. You are correct that I did not get the precip right on the 1st storm. I missed the Cape Cod heavier snow, and slightly underforecast the Monday snow event. The overall behavior of the storm was what I expected, but some of the details were not.

  46. JimmyJames says:

    Lets not get excited about a few model runs. When the winter storm watches get issued that is when I get excited about a POTENTIAL snow event.

  47. kent says:

    jimmy what impact may that storm have going by your impact scale?

  48. leo says:

    If next euro comes in big you will start to hear the chatter from the on air meteorologists tonight.

    1. Topkatt88 says:

      And chatter on-air anything more than something like “we’ll be watching for a potential storm late next week” will be a mistake in my opinion.

  49. BaileyMan says:

    i agree we have to be conservative this far out but, it is something to pin hope on! dang the Euro is really come out slow at the moment only to 48 hours…waiting..

  50. ed says:

    leo paul kocin is already calling for a bomb

  51. leo says:

    whats the link Bailey Man? Thanks!

  52. kent says:

    you guys should be careful when using the word BOMB that can get people in trouble these days

  53. BaileyMan says:

    click 12z far stalled at 48 hrs?! hmmm ominous isnt it?!! lol

  54. DaveATopNotchForecaster says:

    Who kent? why you seem to have an Explosive personality! or do you? ha…….

  55. JimmyJames says:

    Its way to early to give an impact for this POTENTIAl event.

  56. leo says:

    Thankyou Bailey Man!

  57. TomThumb says:

    Oh MY GOD!!!! the suspense of awaiting the EURO is killing me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh gee..maybe i need a life?!!

  58. BaileyMan says:

    Your Welcome Leo! Try this site for a bunch of models with times..etc…its pretty good!

  59. TomThumb says:

    at 96hrs the euro is identical to the 12z gfs at 96 or just about. maybe a good sign. your right tho it is slow

  60. leo says:

    That run didnt look good!

  61. BaileyMan says:

    Well there are a few blimps with the Euro but, it too shows a explosive low forming but on that run it occurs too far north off the coast of Maine. ok not the match with the Gfs but it is still way too early and with a storm of that magnitude close will have to be watched closely! my excitment is a bit tempered now..but its still there and the potential still exists…will just have to see how the models handle it in the days to come!

  62. TomThumb says:

    Not the best set up for a Big snowstorm yet on that Euro. But i love the fact that it too now is forecasting an explosive storm near by! So im still Madly excited at this early point and the models definitely will adjust more in the days to come. So if it sets up south of us? and the Gfs currently says it will, Watch out!!! The Euro has to readjust south is all and it has already been inconsistent so it might still do just that! Besides the Gfs was good on the last storm! fingers crossed !

  63. BaileyMan says:

    Leo my friend. its way to early to worry about its precise location! Actually i agree with Tom….i do like the fact the Euro is jumping on board with bombogenisus! location is key..but that can easily change! so something to get a tad excited about in the few days ahead! keep watching those models.

  64. DaveATopNotchForecaster says:

    Agreed it has all kinds of potential!! the facts are both storms are predicting a hugh storm potentially. It is now all about location, location location! And many model runs to come! so hang in there Blizzard lovers!

  65. DaveATopNotchForecaster says:

    both models i meant sorry typo i hate when i do that!

  66. leo says:

    Last comment not from me! I wouldnt write that. Anything Silly like that wouldnt come from me!

    1. Topkatt88 says:

      Don’t worry leo. If someone is faking comments, WBZ will know because the email will not match yours. All of those false comments will be removed.

  67. Topkatt88 says:

    Dave, Bailey, & Tom… Excellent points. And the key word here is “potential”.

    For a forecaster, this is the fun part: Watching model trends.
    As a forecaster: I’ll be doing that.
    As a snowlover: I’ll be hoping. :-)

  68. BaileyMan says:

    Actually upon closer analysis…that is a pretty encouraging run by the Euro. Although bombogenisus placement is not ideal on that run…the vortex and upper level circulation is favorable for stacking of the system and retrogration which will slow it down for quite awhile before it gets a quick boot northeast sometimes on Sunday! so in short, it shows excellent potential for high winds slow movement (initially) and alot of wrap around precipitation!! This track will change and actually my gut says..(and i was right on last 2 storms!) that we may still get Blasted!! its everyone stay tuned for more on this potential Beast of a Storm! PS the Atlantic is ripe with moisture too! water temps favor moisture enhancement that is anomolous for this time of year! so say I

    1. Topkatt88 says:

      And I failed to mentiion earlier that a slow enough evolution will allow Atlantic moisture to become sufficiently involved so the lack of Gulf moisture will not be a factor.

      The blast potential is certainly there.

  69. leo says:

    Thanks Topkatt 88! Just dont want people to think I would write that! Ive learned alot from you and the others and really enjoy this blog tremendously.

    1. Topkatt88 says:

      Most people will be able to figure out the fake posts anyway, but as soon as you see them just hit the “Report comment” option. Eventually, blog trolls get bored when not given attention and they will move on.

  70. David White says:

    How long will it take for the Arctic air to recharge its batteries in Canada?

  71. coastal says:

    Does anyone know where I can get a snow tube? It seems no one has them anymore.

  72. kent says:

    topkatt what is your gut feeling about the big storm next week?

  73. southshoretom says:

    related to my earlier post….back in either December 1986 or December 1987…there was a clipper type system that explosively intensified as it tracked just south of the New England south coast. When I saw the 12z GFS….its what came to my mind. I think interior New England got a lot of snow and coastal New England had rain to snow with strong winds and some flooding concerns. Maybe someone else remembers this storm. I tried to research it, but to no avail.

  74. JimmyJames says:

    SouthshoreTom after the last storm is there any changes to your BCS model standings?

    1. southshoretom says:

      LOL…….I think we’ll update that at the end of the week after we see how they perform for whatever happens later this week. There could be significant changes though.

  75. philip says:

    southshoretom…I don’t remember the storm you speak of, but i will take an educated guess that it was December 1987 only because Boston’s snowfall total for the 1987-88 winter was above normal at 52.6″ and most of the snow that fell that season occured earlier. IIRC Dec. 1987 and Jan. 1988 were farily snowy in particular, then the rest of the winter became more tranquil.

    1. southshoretom says:

      thanks Philip.

  76. manowx says:

    86-87 was a winter with two big snow storms over the Cape I recall one in early Jan that was fierce on the North Shore. But it was rain and wet snow Tidal flooding extensive

    1. philip says:

      manowx…1986-87 snowfall for Boston was normal at 42.5″.

  77. philip says:

    I did some more shoveing today and that snow was very tough and heavy to move around. It is very waterlogged for the most part with very little fluffiness. The landscape in my backyard and beyond is still very festive as if temps never got out of the mid-30s let alone the mid-50s. The only reasoning is that the sun angle is very low for now. I suspect that if this snow was even later this month much more of it would be gone by now. As for the streets and sidewalks I would say they are just “less slippery” rather than snow actually melting away.

    1. philip says:

      Also I want to say that I wore my fall jacket and baseball cap while shoveling…as if it was a late March/early April snow. I was actually sweating a lot after I finished for the day.

  78. JimmyJames says:

    I don’t remember the last time this happened but the latest CPC 6-10 and 8-14 day outlook has all of the lower 48 with below normal temperatures. They still are saying below normal preciptation for us in the 6-10 day outlook and normal precipitation in the 8-14 day outlook.

  79. philip says:

    I just checked AccuWeather’s Alex Sosnowski’s blog and he believes that the Greenland Block will prevent any storms from moving up the coast for awhile this month. Also Brett Anderson has storms just missing us as well and much of eastern Canada stil quite mild and tranquil.

  80. manowx says:

    The GFS and Euro show the 850 mb low too far north. This could be a trend towards the end of winter

  81. philip says:

    Yes Jimmy, I saw the CPC outlook as well….such a waste of cold air. :-(

    However, for the 8-14 day period there is “normal” precip for us…maybe there is hope. :-)

  82. philip says:

    Latest NWS forecast has snow from Thursday night to Friday night followed by clearing for next Saturday.

    I assume there now must be growing confidence already. We will see.

  83. manowx says:

    The northern jetstream has not been pronounced this winter. I suspect this is why storm frequency continues low and trending farther north. 00-01 analog still holds. Turn out the lights

  84. manowx says:

    Four days of 40-50 air is a clue that this not going to be a winter that turns harsh. The modesl do not show frigid air.

  85. kent says:

    can joe joyce let us know what is going on with the current snow event for thursday?

  86. manowx says:

    Tornados another clue

  87. manowx says:

    It’s too far north for heavy snow

  88. says:

    Hopefully we can some decent snow here on the South Shore from this event…last one sucked with rain..snow totals were bleak here in Hull…like 5″ max before the change over….I like the Euro and GFS for next weekend…Bring it on!

  89. says:

    editors note- Hopefully we can get some decent snow..sorry for the typo!

  90. BaileyMan says:

    manowx will you please be straight instead of just trying to discourage snow lovers on this blog?! its kind of pointless. the models show what they show!

  91. RMB says:

    This upcoming summer is going to be damp and not warm or humid, turn out the lights for this summer!!! We may go right from spring to fall.. Below average temps and above average rainfall :) The writing is on the wall.. Hope everyone enjoyed the last year;s hot summer, THE PARTY IS OVER!!!!!!! lol lol :) :)

  92. RMB says:

    Anyway now to our snowlover’s discussion, this would be nice if we get slammed again.. Topkatt do you see this storm being slower than the previous????

    1. Topkatt88 says:

      At the moment not slower…
      And I think Summer 2011 will be cooler & drier than normal until August.

  93. manowx says:

    The models are not encouraging for a big snow storm

  94. pato34 says:

    from naive perspective the 2 best forecasting bloggers on this lately are topkatt and BaieyMan they know there stuff

  95. chrisMedway says:

    seems you need to learn to spel ladi pato ha ha

  96. philip says:

    RMB…I hope you are right about a below normal summer in terms of temps, but I hope you are DEAD WRONG about above normal rainfall.

    Of course let’s get through this winter season first. I am enjoying it so far. :-)

  97. RMB says:

    It is going to be nice to save on Central Air this summer, no heat or humidity!!! Part is overrrrrrrrr!!!! I might not even be able to grill outside it is goin g to be damp and miserable

  98. manowx says:

    synoptic pattern is my specialty

  99. manowx says:

    cooler summers may be more productive in terms of thunderstorms

  100. RMB says:

    The 18z gfs doesn’t seem to be as strong, but a very slow long duration storm, am i reading it wrong??? Topkatt, anyone??

    1. Topkatt88 says:

      You’ll see the models change alot between now and then…

  101. kent says:

    have the tables been reserved for the gathering at papa ginos Topkatt?

  102. RMB says:

    I hope, but all signs point to a cool damp summer, we are going into the Ice Age!!!

  103. manowx says:

    last summer was hot and dull. Not one thunderstorm traversed the coastline

    1. ScottF says:

      Not in coastal York County. We had our first tornados in years during a severe weather outbreak.

    2. ScottF says:

      I was in West Roxbury last Father’s Day & and some very stong storms passed thru.

  104. RMB says:

    Hey KENT we changed plans, we are having it at FRIENDLY’S IN FRANKLIN MASS. If we are late showing up don’t leave, also a clown sundae is on me!! :)

  105. BaileyMan says:

    the latest 18z gfs does place the storm further east prior to retrograting back towards the sne coastline not quite as strong on that run ..but you are correct that would be close to 48 hours in duration ending with about 8 to 12 inches where all snow on that run..but again..that is just that 1 run!!! not a forecast..the general theme is ..we must watch for a significant storm next friday into saturday ! alot more varying runs to come!! but i do think it will snow to some level..still potential for alot of snow and wind!!

  106. kent says:

    barry now calling for a big blast of a storm end of week,just watched the tv at 620

  107. kent says:

    RMB most people dont live near that area,is it been talked about

  108. mike d says:

    Barry did not say that.

  109. strye44 says:

    Don’t respond to Kent.

  110. RMB says:

    Yeah Kent it has been talked about, Oh wait it is now at Chucky Cheese instead… Can you make it, we will be their also can you reserve the tables for us..

  111. Barry Burbank says:

    Hey Kent… You must be watching another channel. I did NOT call “for a big blast of a storm at the end of the week” I stated that we will be watching a potential storm but, AT THIS TIME, most indicators point to this system being another bomb out over the ocean but some expansion into New England is plausible depending uon the precise position of initialization and the eventual location of maturity. I will be posting my blog soon.

  112. kent says:

    sorry barry i was taking down the xmas tree and just heard bits and pieces of the report

  113. RMB says:

    Hey KENT can you make a reservation for 50 people please, Topkatt, myself along with all the people who talk on this site look foward to meeting you their!!!!

  114. Charlie says:

    Confidence is growing for a snow event Friday night, what’s not on the models 10 days out is all of a sudden a snowstorm 6 days out, happens all the time, Barry said even though 7-10 days out may look clear it can change quick, I think this is happening with this storm, have a great day :)

  115. kent says:

    is that whole thing a joke about the gathering?

  116. kent says:

    charlie barry is NOT calling for any storm next week,didnt you just read his comment

  117. RMB says:

    KENT, it is not a joke, we actually changed it to a large picknic, are u still interested???????? Let me know and i will keep you updated on any other changes!!! MANOWX is cooking on his go green grill as well!!!

  118. shotime says:

    Barry, Kent posted Joe Joyce’s forecast incorrectly yesterday, so I think there’s a pattern here. Others that are egging this person on… best to just ignore!

  119. kent says:

    thats not true shotime joe joyce apologized to me for incorrectly correcting my post,i read and comprehend very well

  120. Topkatt88 says:

    Ok I wasn’t going to chime in on this but I will. And some people won’t like it but I honestly don’t care.

    We’re seeing the user formerly known as “landi”, “TomGrafton”, and countless other usernames just doing the same thing. This person posted for many months under a different name, and they were constructive comments most of the time. My suggestion is that they go back to being constructive, and they will regain respect on the blog. Comments that are not following blog rules are just going to end up deleted anyway.

    Have a good night all.

  121. Topkatt88 says:

    Ok I wasn’t going to chime in on this but I will. And some people won’t like it but I honestly don’t care… but anyway.

    We’re seeing the user formerly known as “landi”, “TomGrafton”, and countless other usernames just doing the same thing. This person posted for many months under a different name, and they were constructive comments most of the time. My suggestion is that they go back to being constructive, and they will regain respect on the blog. Comments that are not following blog rules are just going to end up deleted anyway.

    Have a good night all.

  122. Topkatt88 says:

    Sorry for the double-post. Computer messed-up. Back to watching my hockey game then going out. Thoughts on the weather of the week ahead tomorrow!

  123. Hadi says:

    So I am really liking our set up for this weekend. We need the pieces to come together ie phasing, the PV as well as a nice cold air mass to fuel the fire. I worry about the storm bombing out too far north, but otherwise we have a lot of the ingredients there for a big storm. Timing will be key.

  124. kent says:

    hadi do you think we will need watches posted by weeks end?

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