By Levan Reid

BOSTON (CBS) – After a week off let’s get you all caught up with some of the news and notes from the NFL and beyond.


Old New England friend Charlie Weis could be on the move again.

After getting let go from Notre Dame and becoming the Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator, Weis has had a huge hand in making the Chiefs relevant again.

Well, now word comes down that Weis is being courted to serve as the University of Florida’s offensive coordinator. Florida’s new head man Will Muschamp wants to install a pro style offense.

Also two sources close to the situation are saying that Weis would welcome the move. Chiefs coach Todd Haley said Friday that he didn’t have any knowledge of Weis possibly taking a job at Florida. “It would be news to me,” said Haley, whose Chiefs went from worst to first in the AFC West this season.


In the only “win and they’re in” match up of the weekend, the Rams will take on the Seahawks Sunday night.

At the beginning of the week, no one thought Seattle QB Matt Hasselbeck was going to play. Back-up Charlie Whitehurst was taking all the snaps in practice and many thought he was going to get the start.

But on Friday, Hasselbeck made it back to practice. This new developement gives head coach Pete Carroll some options. ”

Charlie’s going, we’ve been committed to that because that’s what we can count on, that’s what we know,” Carroll told The Herald of Everett, Wash., on Friday. “We’ll go to game time and see what happens.” 


Well back from the holidays and ready to rush in the new year, Soccer 6 chimes in for the first time 2011.

Speaking of soccer, Landon Donovan kicks us off.

6 says the soccer star filed for divorce but, get this, he did it without a lawyer and he is seeking spousal support from his ex-wife Bianca Kajlich.

So let me get this straight, world class soccer star Landon Donovan, is pulling a Kevin Federline and trying to get some cash from his ex?

I don’t know if I should scream or applaud or both.

Bianca has steady work, she’s an actress on the show “Rules of Engagement”, never seen it.

Soccer wonders though, when Landon scored the game winning goal in the 2010 World Cup, he blew a kiss to Bianca.

Why did he do it?

I have 6’s answer. That was the kiss of death, make sure those checks come on the 1st and the 15th.


Soccer tells us that it’s official, Ron Artest has auctioned off his championship ring for charity. Before we go on, I just have to say that Ron Artest is crazy FOR REAL.

Not like you and your boys were out having a crazy time or “that girl is crazy.”

He is more like,”smashing his head in the car door to get pumped up” crazy.

Anyway, he auctioned off his ring last weekend but he kept the box (see, I told you he crazy).

Raymond Mikkael, a father of four, spent around $100 in raffle tickets and got the ring.

The good news is the auction raised over $500,000 for mental awareness.

By the way, now Raymond Mikkael has one more championship ring than Lebron James.

Finally, Soccer 6 has something for you gamers.

Football trick play is a video that went viral.

So now maybe the pros can get soMe knowledge from the kids in front of all the computers.

Here’s the link and enjoy.

Have a happy new year people and thanks for reading.

Thank you again Soccer 6 and more in 2011.


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