Police Officer Jack Maguire Did Not Need To Die

A Blog by Gary LaPierre

     As I watched today, while a family, a community and a proud profession buried one of it’s own, it was difficult to ignore the outrage combined with the sadness. Woburn Police Officer John “Jack” Maguire did not need to die last week and it’s time our society woke up as to why Officer Maguire is dead.

     Jack Maguire put in 34-years as a police officer and was about eight months away from retirement.  But his remains are in the cold hard ground today because the Massachusetts Parole Board, and I’m sure they’re not alone in this, totally blew it when it came to judging the lack of character in a career criminal.  The dirtbag who shot and killed office Maguire the day after Christmas was a poster child for the words “career criminal.”     It did in fact go back to his childhood, but this is a guy who had been sentenced to three (3), COUNT ‘EM….three consecutive life sentences.    Not concurrent life sentences……consecutive life sentences, meaning after you serve the first one, you start serving the second one and so on.   But what did the Massachusetts Parole Board do when the scum appealed for a parole….saying he had been rehabilitated?      A unanimous vote to parole him…never informing the DA’s office the hearing was pending…. and the liberal Commonwealth of Massachusetts has blood all over itself.

     Governor Deval Patrick appointed 5 of the 7 members on that board and as the son of a Boston Police Officer, also killed in the line of duty said to me…”Gary, where is the outrage?”     Are you listening Governor??

     This isn’t the first time this has happened……in fact this is the second case this year…of a lifer, given freedom by the Commonwealth, going out to kill again.

     This has got to stop!!


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