BOSTON (CBS) – A 14-year-old boy is recovering after he was hurt “walking while texting.”

MBTA police say the unidentified teen was walking at the Government Center T stop and was apparently so engrossed in his texting that he walked right into one of the columns that holds the ceiling up.

Boston EMT’s were called in and the boy was taken to Tufts Medical Center where he was treated for a small laceration to his forehead.

Comments (11)
  1. John says:

    D’OH… don’t let this kid talk to you while walking next to him

  2. Kevin says:

    Why is this news?

  3. Kevin says:

    Be a dope. make the local news

  4. Allen says:

    Thank you for sharing this critically important story on your home page. I’m surprised you missed these:

    Fast Chase by 7 Yr Old Girl End When 4 Yr Old Boy Bumps Head on Counter

    Man Looking Elsewhere Walks Into Door; Pushed instead of Pulled

    Soccer Mom Bangs Head on SUV Tailgate While Loading Groceries

    Let me know, I can probably get you pictures, or at least cool graphics.

    1. Kevin says:

      No snow storms to report on today. That’s why Barry’s working. Mop up duty

  5. KL says:

    Can you say ‘Dumb Ass’?

    Very good.

    Dumb Ass.

  6. mike says:

    what an idiot!!!!

  7. Ally says:

    I love it! What a stupid dope!

  8. says:

    And his parents will sue the MBTA for having those dangerous columns in the way. And they will win.

  9. cynic says:

    Have you ever noticed how those columns go BWannnnggggg when someone walks into them?

  10. AEF says:

    No Worries!!! This boy will be standing shoulder to shoulder with Duval while he signs the law prohibiting texting while walking.

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