BROCKTON (CBS) – A young man has been arrested for the murder of a teenager at a baby shower in Brockton more than two years ago.

16-year-old Chantel Matiyosus was shot in the head and abdomen outside a home on Addison Street on the night of April 25, 2008.

On Wednesday afternoon, police arrested 20-year-old Darryene Ware of Brockton and charged him with murder.

Investigators say Ware “had a heated and ongoing dispute with at least one attendee of the baby shower.”

 WBZ-TV’s Kate Merrill reports.

Police said he and “one or more coconspirators” from a gang known as “D Block” opened fire “with multiple semiautomatic handguns on a group of party-goers” who were standing outside the home where the baby shower was held.

Matiyosus and two others were shot.

Ware will be arraigned Thursday in Brockton District Court.

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