A Blog by Gary LaPierre

     With all the things going on in the world today, from war in Afghanistan, cop killing in Woburn, Massachusetts, a poorly timed winter blizzard along the east coast, Barack the Mrs. and the kids hangin’ in Hawaii….you name it…..why am I compelled to ask….”what is up with this attention on Taylor Swift?    I understand she might be a nice kid (not sure about that) but a singer?    I don’t think so.    If that warbling I hear in the background from the TV set is singing, I’ll give up my love for music forever.    I was raised in the world of music and still dabble in it a half-century later and I’ve gotta tell you….Taylor Swift can’t hold a tune in a bucket.    If she’s not the worst singer in the world, she’s definitely right behind the person who is.    God help us man, that’s like fingernails scratching a chalkboard.

     Now look what’s happened…….I’ve lost my train of thought and I don’t have room now to cover some things that are far more important.   Somehow I just can’t get that sound out my head.    Nothing like an ear-worm that sounds like someone stepped on the cat.

     I’ll get back to some other stuff later, but just one quick thought on the so-called “Blizzard of 2010:”   There were tragic exceptions, i.e. Scituate and a couple of other spots, but “state-wide state of emergency” Deval?  I don’t think so…not even close…..and nobody heeded it anyway.   The local meteorologists regained some of their lost stature of late be predicting this one right on the nose.    But the simple fact is, the snow crews weren’t ready (including where I live) and here in the northeast, our so-called officials acted like we’ve never had a snowstorm before.

     And that warning from transportation “officials” about calling the airport before you head in there?    Don’t bother….just go in, because if you do get an answer when you call (highly unlikely) they’re gonna lie to you anyway.  And if you want to feel better about what’s going on around here, check out New York City.   The Bloom is off the Berg there for sure!!!

  1. mikey says:

    To me, Taylor Swift sounds a helluva lot better than P Diddy, Diddly whatever that non-talent calls himself.

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