By Carl Stevens, WBZ News Radio

BOSTON (CBS) — Things slowly getting back to normal at the airport, but it’ll take awhile.

“It’s the chance that you take when you fly,” said one traveler.

Unlike Monday, there are plenty of people at Logan Airport today, and a lot of people are flying out, but not everybody

“I was cancelled. I had a 6:30 flight this morning, and I got up at 3:45 and checked, and (my flight) was cancelled,” said one woman looking to make her way out of Boston.

She was looking forward to a trip to South Carolina. She might be able to head out later today.

WBZ News Radio’s Carl Stevens reports.

After the big storm, it’ll take a few days to get everybody rebooked.

Phil Orlandella of Massport said it might take Logan Airport until Friday to clear the backlog of travelers.

On Tuesday, Orlandella told WBZ News Radio’s Rod Fritz that the airport is trying to book people on existing flights, where there are vacant seats available. “We have two runways open and it’s pretty good out there right now. We’ve already had a couple of departures and landings… so it should be a pretty normal day.”

WBZ News Radio’s talks with Orlandella.

Orlandella says the best thing passengers can do is call the airline they are flying with to check the status of their flight.

WBZ-TV’s Peg Rusconi reports from Logan.


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