NEW YORK (AP) — Shaquille O’Neal has been fined $35,000 by the NBA for his public comments about the officiating.

O’Neal criticized the referees following the Boston Celtics’ 86-78 loss at Orlando on Christmas. He was angry after picking up his sixth foul when Magic center Dwight Howard fell to the ground as they were wrestling for position.

O’Neal said: “I just wonder why I’ve never gotten that call in 20 years. Don’t pick and choose when you’re going to make the call. … That’s what happens when you’ve got control freaks.”

The NBA announced the fine on Monday.

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Comments (2)
  1. w martin says:

    a player can’t even show emotion over a bad call anymore.I pat to see the play and emotions of the basketball players not to spare the referees the distress that they get from their own inabilities

  2. coachjim says:

    It is sad that the refs are as bad as they are. A little reminder that these are professional basketball players, and they should be allowed to play. Allowing the refs to have such an enormous effect on the outcome of the game has destroyed pro-basketball.

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