BOSTON (CBS) — On its face the President of the Massachusetts Police Chiefs Association, Mark K. Leahy, calls the state’s parole board’s decision to free Dominic Cinellia a tremendous failure. Several local chiefs lashed out at the state parole board and its decision to let this violent career criminal, a man serving three life sentences, back on the street.

Dominic Cinelli was out on parole when he exchanged fire in a deadly shootout outside of this Woburn Kohl’s after a jewelry heist Sunday night.

Cinelli and veteran Woburn police officer Jack Maguire were killed. 

WBZ-TV’s Kathy Curran reports.

Chief Leahy says, “We see some things in the decision that stand out. For example, the decision states that his release was not incompatible with the welfare of our society. I think a lot of people would beg to differ at this point.” 

Watertown Police Chief Ed Deveau adds, “Here’s a person who has a long, violent criminal history and it appears they didn’t take his past history of violence in to play as much as his attempt to rehabilitate himself.”

According to records obtained by the I-Team, it was a unanimous decision by the parole board that freed Cinelli in March of 2009.

Cinelli was addicted to drugs at a young age then lived a life of violent crime for decades. His rap sheet has 71 charges including armed robbery, assault with intent to murder, gun charges and escapes.

In the end it was a well respected officer versus a desperate man who had nothing to lose. These chiefs are outraged Dominic Cinelli was released.

“In this case if it walks like a duck it’s going to walk like a duck thirty years later. And before we turn these people lose in society safeguards have to be taken, and we have to make sure in this case they were,” says Chief Leahy.

In its decision the parole board looked at the fact that Cinelli completed several violence prevention, recovery and substance abuse programs. They also noted he had strong family support and a solid transition plan. 

The executive director of the parole board, Timothy Dooling, released a statement saying, “We are stunned and saddened by the tragic events. Upon learning the suspect was on parole we immediately initiated a comprehensive review of all records and information.”

Comments (16)
  1. CT says:

    Fire them ALL, This state is a joke!!

  2. Bruce says:

    Three life sentences and they let say he’s rehabilitated and able to return to society. Smart move Parole Board. Hope you people can look in the mirror.

  3. Richard Baptista says:

    And u Obama/Devil Patrick bum kissers wonder why Dukakis and Kerry lost big time in their quest for the presidency!!

  4. John Joseph Grimes says:

    It’s bad enough when local television relegates the shooting death of a police officer on the day after Christmas to “page 3” behind a snowstorm & flooding next to the Atlantic Ocean in Scituate. Then we find out that in a unanimous vote, the state parole board believes this guy, who was serving 3 concurrent life sentences, when he looks them in the eye and tells them that he has found the Lord and has taken all of his courses the last 30 years. We definately need a brand new parole board that possesses a bit more common sense.

  5. dawn kaplan says:

    why bother having a judge and jury he was convicted and sentenced to 3 life sentences by a jury of his peers 3 life sentences DID NOT MEAN TO ALLOW HIM OUT TO TAKE SOMEONE ELSE’S LIFE !!!!!!!!!! why bother having the jury at all !!!!!!

  6. mike says:

    This is what happens when self-righteous liberals are allowed to have power.

    1. Yvonne Decelis says:

      what does that have to do with this?

      1. barron says:

        are you kidding ? Do you really need to have that explained to you ? If so, step out of denial into reality.

  7. sickofit says:

    Here’s a solution…..all violent parolees have to live with the parole board members..or next door…or with a parole board members’ family before being let loose on society. I think we’d see quite a drop in the number of career criminals and pedophiles released on parole!

  8. cynic says:

    Cinellia’s Father was a retired Boston Police Officer. His brother also shot anotyher Police Officer in the 80’s. It looks there are no gaurantees when you have kids.

  9. Gerald Dente says:

    My heart goes out to the Maguire family. I am absolutely appalled that this creep was paroled. People read articles like these and see a rap sheet of 71 charges including armed robbery, assault with intent to murder, gun charges and escapes but it doesn’t really mean much to most people. Well my name is Gerald Dente and it means everything to me. In the early 80’s, I was the proud owner of Gerald’s Jewelers located in Medford Ma. This creep robbed my store at gun point. I was uninsured and lost over 100,000.00 in personal and consigned jewelry. I was sued by many customers who also lost jewelry in my possession. My business was ruined, all I worked for was gone and I was thousands of dollars in debt. This was a life changing event and my only consolation was that the DA promised me that this creep would rot in jail until the day he died. My sister-in-law and a close friend were there that day and the trauma haunts them to this day. I was not in that morning. Had I been, I very likely could have been killed because it is not my nature to comply. Before he robbed me Cinelli shot a guard at another jewelry heist.
    The parole of this creep is the ultimate insult to me and my family and the loss of officer Maguire is a direct result of the poor judgment of the State.
    Again, my sincerest condolences to the Maguire family.

  10. Bob Royers says:

    There is a typo in the first sentence of the first paragraph. Cinelli’s name was misspelled.
    Are you in need of a copy editor?

  11. JoshuaABV says:


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