Your Snow Totals And Pictures

BOSTON (CBS) – With more than a foot of snow expected in most local cities and towns by the time the storm is over, you can help be CBS Boston’s eyes on the storm where you live.

1. Send your snow pictures and videos to We will feature some of them here on and on WBZ-TV.

View Gallery: Your Storm Photos

2. Let us know how much snow has fallen where you live. Measure several spots in your yard, average them out and leave the information in the Comments below.

  • john

    Its not a blizzard yet …. the graphic in the lower right is not correct yet take it down….you make yourself look stupid.. thanks

    • antonella

      u look stupid saying that

      • Ryan

        you’re both stupid

  • Ted hunt

    Current 25.2
    High 26
    Low 21

    Snow 5.5″ so far

    Fastest wind gust was 25 mph at 9:39 (we are in a bit of a valley)

    Wind is currently running consistantly between 6 and 10 mph

  • Nick

    South Hingham, MA 9:05PM 33 degrees, 7″snow, moderate snow, snow of grainy nature, very windy

  • Nick

    South Hingham, MA 10:20PM above freezing 7.5″snow, moderate snow, very windy

  • bryan

    I don’t know what the big fuss is all about. It’s just your avg nor’easter here in New England. We have about 7″ of snow here in N Chelmsford as of 1am. A little windy, but not to bad. Shoveled driveway once. I can’t believe they called a
    state of emergency. We’ve had bigger and stronger snow storms than this before.

  • Peter Deane

    I am in Westford this storm reminds me of the good old days when I would plow all night and the world was quiet no one to bother me at all. We have about 8″ of snow on the ground but I do not think we will lose power. I bought a generator and I am all set for power outages. This is my second go round on Facebook so I have no friends, sounds about right. Peace out stay off the roads you knuckleheads.

  • Brett

    Bryan I think you are right, but I still see on thre is still 8 hrs of solid blue over central mass…. I am in Harvard and we only have about 7 inches… Hoping we will pick up another few at least. I was supposed to referee a bunch of hockey games today and they were all cancelled in adnvance, I am a bit annoyed because Iof that I have been lost of over $200 and we only got 1/3 of what was predicted…

  • Brett

    I think we should hear from someone from WBZ filling us in here?

    • Max

      get over it.

  • mikelambert

    Really, what a big nothing of a storm.

    • Arfus

      16-18 in of snow is a big nothing???

  • Ray

    Newburyport Ma 9″ on ground, highest gust 40mph

  • Max Field

    It’s very ugly

  • Joseph Papandrea

    Sturbridge, MA 07:50AM, 6″ fine grained snow, Windy (35-40mph gusts) 25 degrees.

  • Anton Krasinski

    Weston has 15 inches

  • Scott

    Marblehead has 16 inches

  • Cheryl Rosen

    I’m at a high elevation in Worcester, near the Holden and West Boylston line. ZERO snow on my deck (must have blown away). Also, no snow on either of our cars. I can see the grass through the snow. There are some high spots where the snow drifted, but that is it. I can see Route 190 still covered with snow at almost 9am, though.

    • wxstudent

      I live in rutland, right near you, and we have almost the same thing. In some spots its grass…in others there are drifts that are 8-10″ high. Its hard to tell how much we actually received due to the blowing winds, but I know its less than expected as some sort of dry slot opened up over central MA overnight last night…wonder why?

  • Lou

    2′ 2” here in Needham as of 10:03AM Its a real whopper! thick snow, great for shoveling with my bad back

  • Mo

    I measured in a wide open field at Tufts on the Somerville/Medford line and it was under 8″ at about 9:30 AM. Quite a bit less than I was expecting.



  • Jonathan Swartz

    There is at least a foot of snow in North Adams, MA. The snow was covering my ankles. I could not get out of my house.

  • melzzz

    Somwhere between 14-18 inches in North Reading. Hard to measure with all of the drifting.

  • shoveler

    It’s a big nothing for us, but NJ got 20-30″ in some places. We got lucky this time. It’s snowed in Cairo, Istanbul, and Atlanta. The winter storms are moving south this century.

  • Guidos Guitarlounge

    my cat outside in the Blizzard of 2010


    we have 12 iches of snow in baldwinvlle mass



  • Andrew

    23 inches of snow here in newburyport. still coming down pretty good, very windy

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