BOSTON (CBS) — A major snowstorm is headed our way. The storm, which will roll in Sunday afternoon and hang around until Monday afternoon, is expected to dump well over a foot of snow in several spots across Massachusetts.

With this being school vacation week, many people just plan to stick out the storm at home.

WBZ wants to know how you plan to spend your snow day. Use the comment box below to share your snow day adventures.

Stay safe!

Comments (7)
  1. Dana says:

    Since I am missing Christmas with my husband’s family, we intend to watch a lot of football and eat and drink all day and night.

    1. Oy. says:

      I’m envious and stuck with the alternative.

  2. Claire says:

    We finally made it to snowy Dublin, Ireland for Christmas so are missing this storm in Mass. However, our snowed in “Stephen’s Day” was spent playing Scrabble, Memory and solving the Irish TImes Christmas Crossword. Happy Christmas Massachusetts!

  3. Jeff says:

    I go race go karts indoors at Checkered Flag Indoor Karting in Haverhill and then head over to Amesbury Sports Park for some tubbing!

  4. Ellen says:

    Since I have really bad arthritis I have my driveway plowed, and of course my sisters here to shovel the walkway, so here I am looking at the Hallmark channel. Love it.

  5. Mke T says:

    Go to work. Doesn’t anybody still have a job anymore? It’s just snow and there are a lot more plow trucks and road treatment equipment today then there was in 1978 so nobody needs to panic. It will be in the 40’s by weeks end.

  6. ann says:

    on sunday i stay home to watch tv and get ready for the storm.
    my hubby was plowing the snow at night time after supper it was 6 inchs.
    Then on monday i got up at 500am to drive to work with my truck and
    the roads n milford was bad but i took it slow going to work.made iit on time.
    i am so glad we did not have another Feb 78 blizzard i was in that storm.

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