WEST ROXBURY (CBS) — Every year, dozens of West Roxbury residents and business leaders gather in the parking lot of Roche Brothers to get Christmas dinners, which they deliver to needy residents.

This year, more than 40 people delivered dinners to 65 seniors and families in need.

“Everybody is hopeful that the economy is doing better, but it was frightening to start getting these names of (people) who need groceries,” said Mary Mulvey Jacobson, president of the West Roxbury Business and Professional Association.

WBZ News Radio’s Carl Stevens talks to Jacobson.

The food was purchased at a discount from Roche Brothers.

Carl Stevens reports from West Roxbury

  1. Brigid Boyle says:

    Thank you for covering this story, Carl. Volunteers bring more volunteers, so sharing this story will probably give someone else an idea of a way to bring some joy into another heart or home.

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