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     After my final schlep to a Mall today, I was planning to sit down at the computer and post a brief “Thank You” and “Merry Christmas to all” and settle down to a peaceful evening, dining by the LaPierre Christmas tree and fireplace.   It will have to wait until tomorrow, mostly because it seems I’ve lost at least a couple of my “HO’s.”   When I left the house early afternoon I had all three “Ho’s” goin’…….you know……”Ho, Ho, Ho” and all that stuff.

     It wasn’t the mall trip that caused me to lose a “Ho”, though the traffic was a bit of a challenge.   It was the news reports………radio, television, newspapers and just now when I sat down at the computer……..a screaming headline about the video scandal that is rocking the coach of the New York Jets, Rex Ryan. You’ve heard and seen me rant more than once in the past News Media,about the absurdity of the alleged news business right now, but this one just begs everyone to go back just one or two blog postings (December 14th to be exact) and find my rhetorical question….”what is wrong with this country today?”  This story begs the question:

     I’m no fan of Rex Ryan, and in fact think he’s a loud-mouth overrated football coach who deserves to get his butt kicked on a regular basis but when the so-called “legitimate” media sources, pick up a non-story like this one from the lowly “deadspin.com” and run with it….I can’t shut up.   From all I’ve seen so far, I don’t care if that video is Rex Ryan and his wife or if it’s Tammy Faye and Billy Ray Cyrus…….it’s not a scandal…and definately not a national news story.

     I just hope I didn’t stick my foot in my mouth with this one. :-)

  1. Diane Maggie McInnis Miller says:

    You are 100% correct. Thanks for saying what needs to be said on this “non-scandal” nonsense!

    I’m thinking you’ll get your “Ho-ho-ho”s back.

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