Snow Tonight, Holiday Forecast, And A Possible Storm

By Terry Eliasen, WBZ-TV Executive Weather Producer

BOSTON (CBS) – It’s the most wonderful time of the year! And also the busiest time of the year for many… travelling, shopping you name it.

The weather department is no exception this year, the current weather pattern sure is keeping us busy.

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Let’s start with tonight.

Remember that storm on Monday that dumped a foot of snow on the Outer Cape?

Well believe it or not it hasn’t really gone away!

It remains parked well off shore and has one final gift for us, more snow.

Currently, there is a band of steady snow up in Maine and it is pin-wheeling southward with a bead on southern New England.

Snow should begin to fall lightly by this evening’s commute and will be steady at times overnight.

By the time we wake up on Thursday morning there will be a fresh coat of 1-to-3 inches in most spots in eastern Massachusetts, a bit less farther west.

The snow will taper off later Thursday morning with the best chance of exceeding 3 inches would be in the same areas that saw the most snow on Monday; right along the immediate coastline, Cape Ann and Cape Cod.

Certainly nothing like Monday, but there could be some spot amounts between 3 and 4 inches.

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Thankfully, we will have a lull in the snow for a few days on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Travel should be fine under mainly sunny skies and temperatures in the 30s.


Next, we are watching the potential for a major East Coast snow storm on Sunday and Monday. Since it is still several days away, weather models continue to disagree on the timing and track. At this point, there is about an equal chance of a hit as there is of a miss.

A hit could mean nor’easter type conditions here Sunday night and early Monday with several inches of snow.

Stay tuned.

  • American

    Yea Snow!

  • jit

    they won’t know until it’s right on top of us….

  • SnowyNE

    LOL at jit’s comment…. So true!

  • Sandy

    they are in with the supermarkets to promote a frenzy of milk and toilet paper sales….UGHHHH

  • bill

    Here we go again.

  • Gene

    SNOW another 4 letter word that should never be spoken :)

  • Paul

    Dang…people still have not figured out what these television stations are doing! First of all, it’s all a game, to keep people glued to their televisions. Second even if there is a remote possibility of a storm hitting us, they continue to insist that it’s going to hit…just to keep the interest up….they really haven’t got a clue!!!

  • John

    The snow has already started falling at a steady rate in Barnstable as of 3:30pm.

  • Allym

    The best part is when it’s over they act they knew what was going to happen, which is easy to say when you keep changing your prediction every few hours.

  • hobo99
  • itoldyouso

    The gfs model has storm way uot to sea , don;t get to ezcited about this one

  • jali

    Are they going to be as accurate as they were with this last storm? Cuz the weather people don’t have a clue.

  • wxstudent11

    itoldyouso, there more than the GFS to look at. the euro models have been consistent with keeping the storm up the coast and inside the benchmark, dumping a lot of snow. its not always easy for long range models to understand all the ingredients needed for this storm. hopefully the shorter range models will start showing it soon, and models will start coming together. I hope SNOW! :)

  • bill

    Lets wait until Monday, then we will know for sure.

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