BOSTON (CBS) – The census figures are in and Massachusetts is going to lose a seat in Congress.

That has all ten local U.S. representatives reviewing their options.

No one has any plans to drop out of the 2012 elections, when the new districts need to be completed.

So once they are re-drawn, one incumbent could end up running against another incumbent.

Unless one of the 10 tries to run for the U.S. Senate.

Congressman Michael Capuano, who lost a primary race to Martha Coakley last year, is thinking about taking a run at Republican Senator Scott Brown.

WBZ Radio’s Carl Stevens talks to Rep. Capuano

“I’ll make up my mind some time next year,” he told WBZ Radio Wednesday.

“That really won’t impact the redistricting though. My district is one that’s probably going to have to stay close to what it is. It’s a majority non-white district. That’s important both under law and, as far as I’m concerned, morally and ethically.”

Capuano said two incumbents would likely not run in his district, because it would be hard to draw any of the current incumbents into it.

He added that the loss of a seat in Congress is “not a good thing,” for the Commonwealth, but it’s “not the end of the earth” either.

  1. DStein says:

    Capuano should go back to emptying the trash at Somerville City Hall. He’s been a total embarrassment in Congress. How about once in his life he actually looks out for the interests of U.S. citizens instead of illegal immigrants?

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