Medical Minute: Snow Shoveling Guidelines

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Snow Shoveling

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BOSTON (CBS) – When the first snow flake hits the ground I receive a call from my children informing me that I should not shovel any snow.

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For some people over the age of 50 this is good advice.  Especially if the person has a history of heart disease, is overweight, does not exercise, has back problems, and doesn’t use common sense.

Snow can be heavy and shoveling it requires the use of muscles not frequently used.

This concern can be remedied by decreasing the amount of snow placed on the shovel.

And remember, the snow is not going anywhere and you are not in a snow shoveling marathon. So take plenty of rests.

Shoveling snow is a good reminder as to why you should participate in an exercise program.

Keeping your body in good shape allows you to do other physical activities that may arise, such as shoveling snow.

Yes, snow shoveling can be dangerous, but it depends upon who you are and how you do it.

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