By Paula Ebben

BOSTON (CBS) – When the temperatures dip below freezing, do you crank the heat, or put on an extra sweater?

It’s a debate that can cause friction among many couples. Peggy and Mike Early have been disagreeing about how to stay comfortable for the past 34 years.

WBZ-TV’s Paula Ebben reports.

“I’m perfectly content to have four layers on,” Peggy said. But that’s not at all the way Mike likes it.

“I’m not comfortable all bundled up,” he said.

According to Dr. Jane Greer, temperature is a common sore spot for couples, right up with there with other causes of marital tension.

“Money, in-laws, sex, children and household responsibilities,” she said.

In her book, What About Me?, she explains this particular fight often has little to do with temperature and more about control.

Dr. Greer believes it is essential for couples to compromise. “It is not going to be exactly what you want. It’s not going to be exactly what they want, however you can find some middle ground,” she said.

Compromise may mean layer up on cold days, or agreeing to crank the heat for a few hours a day.

According to Greer, the important thing is to acknowledge the other person’s preferences.

“It will make all the difference in the world,” she said.


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