Here are some final thoughts on items that were said after Sunday night game.

McCourty prepared for possible fine on hit. McCourty was asked about the hit on Quarless and explained how he was put in a tough spot, which resulted in what appeared to be helmet-to-helmet contact.

“That’s what is tough as a defender. He kind of dropped and bobbled it a little bit, so he was looking down at the ball and you’re trying to knock the ball off him,” McCourty explained. “You have to do it within the rules, so if they decide to fine me, you have to deal with it.”

Had Quarless caught the ball cleanly, there probably wouldn’t have been any chance for helmet-to-helmet contact based on McCourty’s tackling technique.

Flynn calls final Banta-Cain sack a credit to coverage. While Tully Banta-Cain wrapped up the game with a fourth-and-1 sack, Packers quarterback Matt Flynn described the play as one that broke down because of coverage.

“They dropped eight into coverage,” Flynn said. “When they do that, they’re just rushing three and usually what happens when you have four verticals like that, you have to move around and try to make something happen and let receivers work in the end zone a little bit. I stepped up, and trying to do that, never saw [Banta-Cain] behind me.”

Sanders holds himself accountable for onside kick. The Packers executed a successful onside kick to open the game, kicking toward up-men James Sanders and Rob Ninkovich.

“I hurt the team early in the game. I have to learn from that and make sure I don’t make that mistake again,” Sanders said. “We were out there, we alerted for the onside, we knew they had a good special teams unit known for doing certain things and we didn’t execute.”


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