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Friday, December 24th

6am-10am- Hardy & Trupiano
10am-2pm- Adam Jones
2pm-6pm- Rich Keefe & Bertrand
Saturday, December 25th

2pm-6pm-Rich Keefe & Adam Jones

Sunday, December 26th

9am-10am- Fantasy Football Show
10am-Sylvania Patriots Preview
1pm- New England Patriots vs. Buffalo Bills
4pm- Kaspersky Post-Game Show

Monday, December 27th

6am-10am- Hardy & Trupiano
10am-2pm- Adam Jones
2pm-7pm- Rich Keefe & Bertrand
7pm- Boston Bruins vs. Florida Panthers

  1. a stark says:

    Calling Jim Caldwell inept is ridiculous. He may have made a bad decision at the end of the game BUT
    He beat Rex Ryan ;last year OH and he went to the Super Bowl
    You are giving him grief for being stoic. Hmm I remember Tom Landry being the same way and Bud Grant who went 4 times to the Super Bowl Oh yes and George Seifert. AJ is CLUELESS
    Oh yes Caldwell was 14-2 in his FiRST YEAR with a HEALTHY Team Ryan 9-7
    Further bringing up Caldwell’s tenure at Wake Forest to his loss is like comparing Bill Belichik’s tenure in Cleveland for losing to The Ravens last year S-TU-P-I-D
    In addition Caldwell was the first Black Coach of an ACC team; wow that’s not too tough since he was in the deep south. but he came back won a ring with Tony Dungy-another great coach whom people complain about as being “Quiet”
    Lastly Coach Caldwell was without Dallas Clark, Anthony Gonzalez, Bob Sanders, Melvin Bullitt, Austin Collie-
    Lets see what happens when they are evenly matched. The more Jones excoriates Caldwell the more this program descends into race baiting. I thought 98.5 was better but that’s why Mr Jones is on during he weekend
    Lastly Sean Payton Blew it yesterday with a team that was PITIFUL and Not ready to play/ Where is the outrage???? THEY ARE SUPERBOWL CHAMPS

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