By Levan Reid, WBZ SportsBy Levan Reid

BOSTON (CBS) — Here are some news and notes from around the NFL and beyond.

The Washington Redskins are up to their same old tricks again. First that whole mess with Albert Haynesworth and now, head coach Mike Shanahan is going to sit Donovan McNabb for the rest of the season and go with Rex Grossman as the starter.

The players in the locker room we not happy with this move.

“The guys are extremely pissed,” one player told NFL Network insider Jason La Canfora.

Not to mention Donovan’s agent. He found the move the final straw in a season of problems.

“Disrespectful is probably not strong enough of a word,” Fletcher N. Smith, McNabb’s representative, told the Washington Post about the benching Friday. “Donovan has handled himself with nothing but class, not just in Washington but as an ambassador for the league. To treat him this way … it’s beyond disrespectful.”

There may be a Tim Tebow sighting this weekend. The Broncos rookie quarterback has been prepping all week and taking all the snaps. Many think this will be his week to play.

Normal starter Kyle Orton is listed as questionable, Tebow should be the man against the Raiders.

“I’ve always had trust in him that he was going to prepare well enough to be ready if and when we need him to play,” said Broncos quarterbacks coach Ben McDaniels about Tebow. “He’s done a good job with his role up to this point in the season.”

Soccer 6 chimes in this week with hair clubs and engagement rings. First, 6 has some breaking news. Dallas quarterback Tony Romo is engaged to Candice Crawford.

Soccer says Tony proposed to her on her 24th birthday. So 6 mentions Jessica Simpson is engaged and now Tony and Soccer has mixed feeling about this. REALLY!!!!

Mixed feeling about these two D-listers getting engaged to people no one knows.

6 feels Jess and Tony have only been broken up for about a year and now they’ve moved on. Soccer thinks they were good together. That’s obviously not the case because they are not an item anymore.

Hate to break it to 6, but that’s what celebs do. Anyway, for the ladies if you want to see the size of Ms. Crawford soon to be Crawford-Romo’s ring, hit the link.

There is a Tom Brady sighting in the Soccer 6 world. I guess the Brady/Beiber comparison has gone in Tom’s favor.

6 says people are saying Tom has his own look. I am going to keep quiet on this one. They are calling the look “The Tom Brady Butt Cut Club.” This could possibly be the stupidest thing I have ever heard and trust me I am hear some stupid things.

I am dumber now for writing this and you are now dumber for reading it.

Anyway, of all people, 6 says David Beckham is part of the club. Beck’s can’t bend his own look.

Here’s a pic for you guys to compare.

And finally and this pains me, 6 tells us about the season two premiere of “Basketball Wives.”

Again, not sure if any of these women are current wives of NBA players. That’s why this show is ridiculous.

Okay, 6 says two “wives ” got kicked out of the circle. Gloria who was actually married to Matt Barnes, he plays for the Lakers now, was moved out because she wasn’t crazy and the rest of the cast was.

Actually 6 says it’s because the other girls hated her. So I guess my crazy theory is right on.

Also kicked out was Suzi. 6 says the reason was Suzi talked too much.

If there are people reading this and following along and nodding because you know the characters, please open the freezer door and stick your head in it. You are wasting the brain power people.

New to the show is Tami, the ex-wife of Kenny Anderson. Kenny played ball when I was a child. How he is wrapped up in this nonsense, I don’t know. 6 says this season is going to be exciting and can’t wait. Which to that I have to say SAD SAD SAD….

Have a great holiday everybody. Thanks for reading and thank you Soccer 6.

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