MALDEN (CBS) – Police are still looking for the man who robbed a Citizens Bank on Main Street and then shot his way out Thursday afternoon.

The man handed a note to the teller and demanded money. On his way out he had problems with a special security door and fired five rounds into it before escaping.

WBZ-TV’s Alana Gomez reports

No one was hurt, but two schools in the area were placed in lockdown as a precaution.

The robber’s image was captured on surveillance video. He’s black, in his early 20’s, about 5-feet-7-inches tall, medium build and clean shaven. He was wearing gloves, a gray Red Sox hat and a dark overcoat.

It’s not clear how much money he stole.

WBZ Radio’s Karen Twomey reports

He’s also believed to be responsible for recent bank robberies in Reading and Lynnfield.

A cash reward may be available for anyone with information.

Information can be forwarded to Malden Police Detectives at 781-397-7181 or the FBI Bank Robbery Task Force 617-680-4525.

Anonymous tips can be submitted through the Malden police web site.

Comments (4)
  1. cynic says:

    The quality of Bank Robbers is really hitting a new low. Last week the Idiot signed his name to the holdup note and this meatball doesn’t even know how to open a door.

  2. cynic says:

    Nice picture though….Maybe you could get a nice enlargement to hang in your Cell.

  3. Ron says:

    @cynic: In all fairness to dumb criminals, hasn’t there already been a proud(?) tradition of bank robbers using their own deposit slips for hold-up notes? Let’s be fair to these dingbats, now. While the door thing IS a new low, I’ll grant you that, the previously low standard’s been holding pretty steady for a while, now. :-)

  4. Scooby says:

    I would love to know what percentage of these Bonnie and Clydes realize you get life in prison for this crime…Life??? Wow…I thought this was a misdemeaner…guess i didn’t need that $1000 after all Judgy Wudgy…nyuk nyuk nyuk

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